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Story of Local China Guide

The Why

Through internet and technology, Local China Guide connects the best local guides, hotels and restaurants owners, ticketing centers with travelers, so as to create sustainable travel community and happiness. Local China tourism platform provides better local prices to visitors, while better income to support local community.

The How

Local China Guide service team has strong mission to break the barriers between the local services community and the travelers.

The What is the home of original, professional and passionate local guides, local drivers, local accommodation owners and restaurants owners, and so on. Travellers can book our selected local experiences created, managed and operated by the best locals.

The Efficiency

Local guides know their home cities and hometowns the best with consistency. Local guides love their cities and passionate to share it with visitors. Every single local guide is strictly selected, trained and fully supported. Every single local guide has gained 5-star comments in the previous years on We only bring the right person to match your trip.

The Better LOCAL offers for visitors and BETTER Support to LOCALS

Unlike other international giants such as,,, etc, Local China guide is based in China, with booking centers in Lhasa and other parts in China. All our online offers are direct local offers. We aim to lower your travel budget but still keep the quality of DIY traveling. And we aim to provide BETTER support to LOCALS than any other giants which took high commission from every sale on their gateway site. So you choose us, it means you save more and your locals get better supports as well. 

The Reliability for Booking with Local China Guide

When a supplier joins our platform to sell his or her tours, activities, food, homestay, tickets, cooking classes, art or martial classes, etc, LCG needs to ensure they have the service experiences and gained lots of positive reviews on Tripadvisor, Facebook,trustpilot,google, etc. To provide genuine service is a must. Further more, LCG will hold your tour payment till the tours/activities are fully finished. We keep an eye on the tour services as the same or even better as in contract per booking. And we will need to hear from your review instantly once the tour ends. If you have complaints or suggestions to the suppliers, please provide sufficient evidence or itemized advices, we will investigate and improve immediately. Every time when the suppliers on our platform receive 5 stars review on our site or on third party review site such as Tripadvisor, we will pay the suppliers instantly. If the suppliers do not provide services genuinely which may result to very poor service quality, we will work out the urgent optional services, or we will refund the full payment to you, thus the supplier will not receive your tour payment. LCG has strict cooperation and payment schedule based on service standard and customers reviews scores. We always expect your 4 to 5 stars ratings to your local guides, drivers, hotel runners, restaurants owners, etc. LCG’s suppliers grow with the simple philosophy of “Survival of the Fittest”. It means suppliers on LCG can receive higher income if they receive higher rating reviews from visitors after the tour or activity, on the other hand, if they keep receiving poor review and lower quality, it means LCG will not choose to market their products and may pause the cooperation.

The Social Impact

LCG connects the visitors with expert locals, boost jobs and improve life quality for all!

Travelling with us, you are making a great social impact of suporting the local community and sustainable travel. Especially after the COVID19, lots of people in tourism have lost jobs around the world, but LCG’ team keep growing by cooperation and sharing. All the guides and any other service providers on our LCG are their own masters but not workers to travel agencies. We trust ordinary people are well united by GOD and there is trust between people around the world (while the topic is beyond many unreliable politics/politicians). In return we break the barriers between suppliers and customers. Every genuine person can create the wonderful experiences to share with others. The whole world becomes better via trust, cooperation and sharing. Learn more about us here.

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