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Grow Together via Vision and Philosophy

Vision: Make LCG a local tourism mall that facilitates inbound travel, makes partners happier, travelers happier, and society happier.

Concept: platform, resource integration, credit overlay, alliance reciprocity, rapid growth

Cooperation Purposes: create value for partners and create value for inbound tourists (provide cost-effective, novel, diverse and connotative local characteristics and in-depth experience) and grow with “multi-win” principle

Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Humility, Combined Innovation, Cooperation Alliance, Sharing

Interpretation of cooperation methods:

1) B2B2C (Partner (B) joins at LCG (B) and directly sell tours to customers at home and abroad (C)

2) Sincerely invite credible tours and activities suppliers to provide experience products (travel routes, photos, reference prices and reception capability descriptions) according to the destination and differentiated products that are good at; in order to support the large-scale development of supplier partners, the same city and the same category Products can only be settled exclusively;

3) The flagship store enjoys strong support from LCG (such as exclusive entry in the store area, navigation and display of product pages, optimization of line SEO, blog post and post-advertising and social media support)

4) Flagship store entry conditions: the previous customer reputation evaluation TA page links to the LCG corresponding to the partner product homepage, multiple different city flagship stores or the same city differentiated flagship store reputation superimposition, alliance reciprocity, let the flagship store products double exposure High-quality products for tourists;

5) The flagship store partners do not need to pay the store service/rental fee in the first 3 years, but only provide the honest cooperation net price of the travel product (to be reconfirmed between LCG and Suppliers), and the final sales price of LCG is not higher than 15-20% of the net price (this percentage fee is used for the development and construction of the LCG platform and sharing) Operation and online payment costs, the specific ratio is to be adjusted according to the actual market competition); the price is conducive to tourists; after 3 years, the annual rent of the store varies from 5,000 to 50,000 CNY (to be reconfirmed between LCG and Suppliers); the price of LCG products can also be based on the selling price 85%-90% as the partner’s commodity cooperation price (confirmed through negotiation)

6) Preliminary proposal for payment of LCG travel payment (to be reconfirmed between LCG and Suppliers): Partners and LCG invite travelers to review in a timely manner after the tour ends (but the settlement is not based on the date of customer review date); the travel payment will be cleared within 2-5 working days after the tour operation ends (if customer complaints, in strict accordance with the actual situation of the complaint, based on the facts, LCG and suppliers need to promptly handle customer refunds or compensations, and resolve them through consensus (Reward plan: 5 star praise: sales price 2-5% reward; 4 star praise without reward; 3 Star evaluation (no reward, and provide quality upgrade and rectification measures), 3 star evaluation below (store downgrade without cooperation)

Remarks: Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and other major destinations, differentiated products settled (to eliminate competition with products)
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