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  1. ​Do you love your home city or your hometown in countryside?
  2. Are you a new or experienced local guide?
  3. Are you an experienced driver wanting to show visitors where you love the most?
  4. Do you want to share your knowledge or life experiences?
  5. Do you know your home city inside-out? 
  6. Do you strive to show visitors your city’s unique and memorable places?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be a perfect candidate for, the home of best locals.At, the team is to support the local service comunity, to present you and your best tours or tours that you are most passionate about to visitors traveling to your home city/town/village. has a direct online booking system with which you can connect to travelers. It’s a stage for customers who appreciate the flexible nature of a private, customized tour. They want to see new places in the company of a local expert who can offer more personal attention and the type of unique, local experiences that they won’t find with a package tour from travel agency. So be creative and offer a tour that reflects your passion and your interests!

Once you are accepted as supplier on, your obligations are:

  • to personally deliver the services you’ve agreed to do in a friendly, professional and genuine way;
  • to respond quickly (within 24 hours) and professionally to customer inquiries and booking requests;
  • to keep your availability and account up to date; If in case you are not available per the time of booking, we will provide the same high quality supplier B for our customers;

In return, provides:

  • Tools and training: All the tools you need to create a professional web presence along with training from our support team to help you design quality tour offerings.
  • Easy admin: We promptly handle all customer payments to you. And your income has relationship with our service quality category and reviews rating from customers after they used your services.
  • Marketing: Through our multiple online marketing channels (social, paid advertising and editorial), we make it easy for travelers to find your unique services.
  • Security: Our customer cancellation policy means you are protected in the case of late-notice cancellations or ‘no-show’ customers.
  • Support: Attentive and responsive customer and guide support services, including our 24-hour emergency hotline. charges no upfront or ongoing fees – only a small percentage of actual tour bookings.

To apply, you must agree to our terms and conditions and confirm that you are legally able to give tours in your jurisdiction. Then all we need to begin processing your application is your contact information and a description of the tours you plan to give. Your privacy is important to us. Your email address will only be used for business and will not be rented, sold or otherwise distributed. 

Note: is not simply a listing service, and applying to be a tour guide does not guarantee acceptance. If we have too many similar tours in an area, you may be put onto a waiting list. We may decline your application based on our view of your suitability to be a successful tour guide, the results of our background check, or for any other reason. Acceptance of you as a Tour Guide is at our sole discretion. Learn more how it works with Local China Guide.

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