Ancient City Wall (Chengqiang)

Xi’an is rich in culture and reputed as the famous historical city in the world. Welcome to explore this ancient city with us – Explore China Tibet! Here, we’ll introduce you to the landmark of the city of Xi’an – Ancient city wall.

Welcome to Explore the Landmark in Xi’an

Xi’an City Wall, in the 14th century Ming Dynasty, under the regime of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. Well, the current city wall is an enhancement of the old Tang Dynasty structure, as a result of the emperor’s wall building campaign. For your information, there’s a lot to discover! There is a flanking tower every 120 meters. The flanking towers were built to allow soldiers to see enemies trying to climb the wall. Moreover, there’re many gates. In Xi’an’s case, the north, south, east and west gates, each consist of three towers: the gate tower, which holds the drawbridge, the narrow tower and the main tower.

Discover the glory of Xi’an’s ancient history and cultural heritage

Xi'an Culture Exploration Tour Ancient City Wall 5
Xi’an Culture Exploration Tour Ancient City Wall

Take the Half Day Xi’an City Wall & Paper Cutting Class Tour to visit the ancient city wall and learn the traditional Chinese paper-cutting art. We highly recommend this tour for the first-time visitors. Because it presents you with the most authentic way to experience the Chinese traditional culture.

First, walk the top of the 14th-century Ancient City Wall and follow the professional guide’s instruction. Besides, tourists will be given lots of free time to explore the historic sites on the City Wall. Or you can rent a bicycle to take a ride around the wall and soak up the atmosphere.

After the outdoor activity in City Wall, we will continue our cultural experience with our professional guide. The next activity comes to the Paper Cutting Class. Besides, the paper cutting workshop will teach you the basic knowledge and skills on paper cutting. In addition, you can make yourself several nice art works and bring them home as souvenirs.

We hope the above outdoor activity as well as handcrafts workshop can leave you impressive memory in Xi’an! You can read more on Xi’an Day Tours!