Lijiang Famous Travel Scenic Spot Black Dragon Pond Park
Lijiang Famous Travel Scenic Spot Black Dragon Pond Park

Once you step into this wonderful land of Yunnan province, there’s a lot surprise waiting for you. Black Dragon Pond Park is a famous natural attraction at the foot of Elephant Hill. It’s also close to Lijiang Ancient Town. Let’s have a quick look at the basic travel information of Black Dragon Pond Park!

Famous Pond at the Foot of Elephant Hill

Located at the foot of Elephant Hill, Black Dragon Pond Park is the water resource of Lijiang Ancient Town. Dating back to Qing dynasty, the surrounding building built in 1737. Besides, there’re many beautiful natural sceneries. Crystal-clear lake, Green hills, Sown-capped mountain, large primitive forests, etc. Thus, not only can enjoy the nature and peace of local environment, but also appreciate the deep cultural heritage.

It is not a large site but is a wonderful place to visit. There are as so many visitors compared with other attractions. It is just like visiting a large garden with ponds, temples, trees and flowers. However, for travellers with a little more time, take it easy to stroll around the park and see the traditional buildings in Black Dragon Pond Park.

As for the best traveling time, we suggest that you go in spring or autumn. However, if you’re into the vital weather in summer or cold winter time, you might as well enjoy the extremely stunning view in those two seasons.