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Yunnan Exploration Tour Blue Moon Valley Lijiang TripWelcome to the travel in dynamic Yunnan Province! Discover some of Yunnan’s greatest treasures and the best of Blue Moon Valley with our professional tour guide, we’ll try our best to offer you the most authentic experience in Yunnan.

Explore the Stunning Snowy Scenery of Blue Moon Valley in Yulong

At the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, there lies in a beautiful fairyland – Blue Moon Valley. Located in the southwestern Shangri-La, Blue Moon Lake resembles a blue crescent moon leaning against the snow mountain. Besides, it’s around 15 minutes’ drive from Shangri-La. So, book with our professional tour guide, you can get the most authentic travel experience in Yunnan province.

A Masterpiece of Nature & A Visit of Local Culture

Yunnan Exploration Tour Blue Moon Valley Lijiang Trip
Discover a Fairyland at the Foot of Jade Snow Mountain Blue Moon Valley

This enormous landscape holds many wonders, including snow peaks, forests, flowers, gorges, meadows, lakes and caves, etc. So, we highly recommend that you spend one day here to appreciate the natural beauty.

  • Sum and the Moon Platform Landscape Area
  • Rhododendrons Landscape Area
  • Migratory Birds Appreciation Area
  • Lingxi Lake Landscape Area
  • Ancient Gold Mine Landscape Area
  • Folklore Village Landscape Area
  • Death Valley Landscape Area

If you’re into photography, do hiking and explore the Blue Moon Valley as well as the surrounding villages. You can stop anytime you see a good view with the leading of our professional tour guide! Learn more about our China Tibet travel agency.