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Top Chengdu Travel Destination Chunxi Road Pedestrain Street
Chunxi Road Pedestrain Street – Heaven for Shoppers, Gourmets

Welcome to the land of abundance – the city of Chengdu! To maximize your travel experience in Chengdu, we’ve selected many popular tourist attractions for foreign travelers. Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street is the highlight place for your Chengdu tour. Come and look at the travel guide below!

Must-See Attraction in this Dynamic City

The best way to explore a place is to talk to local people, to taste local food, to visit local markets.  Thus, you can both have an overview as well as a detailed impression on the place. So, we highly recommend that you wander around Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street with our local guide.

Chengdu Top Travel Destination Chunxi Road Pedestrian StreetFor your information, Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street has a lot to offer, especially night! Spending a few hours in Chunxi Road will definitely enrich your experience. With a total area of 200,00 square meters and a length of 1.1 km, this road is the busiest commercial street in downtown Chengdu. There’re more than 700 shops, including  large shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, street stalls, and boutiques, as well as modern cafes, and a public square.

Heritage of Chengdus Unique Cultural Characteristics

Besides shopping, you may wonder what else can we do in Chunxi road? Well, walking along the street, you will soak up in the local modern atmosphere. Also, you’ll encounter the vitality of this beautiful city. Unique dialect, easy lifestyle, hot girls, spicy food, friendly citizen. Most importantly, Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street is so representative that inherits the city’s unique cultural characteristics. Famous as “playing city”, Chengdu offers a nice picture of local’s easiness. That is because “leisure & entertainment” plays an important part in Chengdu people’s life.

Moreover, Chunxi road is gradually becoming a business card of this city. Meanwhile, many authentic and tasty snacks gathering in Chunxi as well. Laitangyuan, Zhong dumplings, Pork ear slice, Chopped beef in chili sauce, Liaoji red oil rabbit slice, Chuanchuanxiang, etc. Therefore, it’s also a food heaven for gourmets. However, if you’re not that into traditional Chngdu food, there’re also many western restaurants for you, such as Pizza Hut, Haagen-Dazs, and Bread Talk.