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Dalian City Travel Xinghai SquareWelcome to explore the Dalian Xinghai Square with local insider guide!


Dalian Xinghai Square is the city square of Dalian of Liaoning province in Northeast China. “Xinghai” literally means “the Sea of Stars”. The square is near the Xinghai Bay to the north. The total area covers 270 acres. Thus it is the largest city square in the world.

The center of the square is 45,000 square meters big with a white marble pillar. That is for commemorating Hong Kong’s return to China. Moreover, the nine dragons on the pillar symbolizes that Chinese are the dragon descendants.

The design of the central square stimulates the Heaven temple’s Circular Mound Altar of Beijing. It contains 999 Sichun cipolin with giant yellow five-pointed stars on the rim. The yellow and red colors refer to the descendants of Yan and Huang emperors. Yan and Huang are the ancient Chinese emperors who led Chinese fight against the north tribe. Since then Chinese has lived an affluent life. Besides, Yan in Chinese means red while Huang means yellow.

A large musical fountain surrounds the square. Furthermore, there are nine Tripod of various shapes around it. Each of them has a Chinese character on it. All the characters can be combined into a sentence. Together it means “Long lives the great union of Chinese people”. Walking to the southern side from the central square, visitors can see the ancient traces. At the end of the square, there is a giant book facing the broad ocean. And it stands for the new beginning era of Dalian City.

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