Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake Hiking Tour in Yunnan
Erhai Lake Hiking Tour in Yunnan

Welcome to Dynamic Yunnan province! There’re many natural wonder that you can explore with our profeesional tour guide! Erhai Lake is one highlight attraction for foreign travelers. Not only can you enjoy the natural scenery, but also appreciate the pure culture of local people!

Flawless Jade between the Mountains

Because of the shape of an ear, this lake names after “Erhai.” (“ear-shaped sea). Erhai lake is of high water quality and rich aquatic resources, but also a scenic area with great scenery. Although it is called a sea, Erhai is actually a lake. That is because Yunnan is deeply inhabited by inland China, Bai people call it “Erhai” to show their yearning for the sea.

Erhai Lake Exploratoin Travel in YunnanFor visitors, the surrounding islands, temples and villages are worth visiting too. For example, In the southernmost tip of Erhai, there’s an Erhai park, which is a good place to enjoy the natural scenery. The park was built in 1975, having a considerable size. Its northeast plant with Yunnan camellia, rhododendron, primula, snow lotus and other precious flowers.

A Wide Range of Tours in Erhai Lake

If you’re into photography, do hire bikes and explore the lake as well as the surrounding villages. You can stop anytime you see a good view during the Half Day Erhai Lake Scooter Tour. Or, you can also try the 1-day Erhai Hiking Tour with our local professional guide. In this case, tour guide can lead you through the beautiful history o Erhai Lake. Moreover, if you have interest in outdoor activities, try the kayaking in Erhai Lake! Thus, you can have a sense of freedom and peace when you’re kayaking without any specific directions.