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Beijing Jingshan Park Nature Trip 3
Royal Garden in Ancient China – Beijing Jingshan Park Nature Trip

Welcome to the cultural center of China – Beijing! As one of the oldest city in China, it holds countless wonders for you to discover. Jingshan Park is one of the beautiful places hiding in this metropolis, telling you a amazing history of Royal Garden from Yuan to Qing Dynasty.

Jingshan Park Royal Garden in Ancient China

Located in the north of Forbidden City, Jingshan Park is a royal court in the Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties. Famous as a royal garden in ancient China, Jingshan park has a long history of 800 years. Besides, as the highest place at that time, it’s also the center of Old Beijing. Formerly, Jingshan was a part of Forbidden City, while the walls were pulled down and road cut through, so now it’s independently standing at the peak.

Beijing Jingshan Park Nature Trip 1

The main buildings in Jingshan are: Three Garden Gate (Jingshan Gate, Left Gate, Right Gate), Qi Wang Tower for Confucius, Five Peak Pavilion, Shou Huang Palace behind Jingshan Hill, etc.  Generally, you will climb all the way up the hill, then enjoy the sunning view of Forbidden city and overlook the entire city of Beijing. Anyway, the meaning to visit this royal park lies in the fact that we want you to experience the royal culture of old times in China. Meanwhile, it’s good to refresh your mind and slow yourself down in this beautiful park.

Highlights and Travel Tips

The artificial hill in Jingshan Park used to be the highest point in the city. When you wander around, we highly recommend that you go visit the temple at the top of the hill, the Pavilion of Everlasting Spring (Wanchunting).

Basically, it takes about 10 mins to walk up to the pavilion. It is well worth the climb on a clear day to get photos of the panorama. After taking in the view, if you have more time, walk back down and towards the middle of the park. There, you will usually come across lots of groups of elderly Chinese people singing opera, doing tai chi or going through their daily calisthenics routine! Interestingly, it offers you a nice picture of current city life of Beijing local people, especially old people!