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Jinli Pedestrian Street Chengdu

Chengdu Day Tour Jinli Pedestrian Street
Chengdu Day Tour Jinli Pedestrian Street

Jinli Street is an ancient street in Chengdu, Sichuan of China. The full length of the street is around 550 meters long. The street is next to Wuhou Temple. And the Marquis’ temple used to have the part of the street. The building there have the style of Qing Dynasty. It is best to view Jinli in the evening. Because the place was dotted with traditional Chinese lanterns between the wooden buildings. Thus it brings more exotic atmosphere.

In 2004, the street was renovated. So it is bigger than before. Visitors can not only watch the gold fish in the bond on the bridge but also experience Sichuan opera culture. There are daily performance shown in the theater.

Chengdu Day Tour Jinli Streets 5
Chengdu Day Excursion to visit  Jinli Streets

Beside that, this area is also bustling with lots of bars, inns, snack stores and souvenir shops. In 2005, it has won the“National Top Ten City Commercial Pedestrian Street” praise. Furthermore, it also gained the “National Demonstration Base Of The Cultural Industry” by the Ministry of Culture.

Walking along the street, travelers can spot various food options like famous local snacks. Amazingly, a plenty of Traditional Chinese artworks are also available there such as Shadow puppet performance. It is definitely a good place to get gifts for friends and families.


The prices of the souvenirs and snacks in Jinli Street are more expensive than the other places of Chengdu. Whereas, fortunately, there is no charge to enter the place.

Jinli Streets Brief Info

Address in Chinese: 成都锦里古街,武侯祠路231号

Address in English: Wuhou Ci Street #231

Opening Hours: 7 days a week from morning until late at night

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