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Hebei Day Trekking Jinshanling Great Wall
Jinshanling Great Wall Day Trip- “Most Representative Enemy Tower “

Jinshanling Great Wall is a part of the Great Wall of China. And it lies in the mountainous zone of Luanping County in Hebei Province. The attraction is 125 km northeast of Beijing. Besides, this section is next to Simatai section in the east. At the same time, the Mutianyu section lies to the west in some distance. Jinshanling Great Wall was founded from 1570 CE in the Ming Dynasty.

The wall of Jinshangling section is as long as 10.5 km. Except that, there are 5 passes, 67 towers and 3 beacon towers added to it. However, the first section of the wall has damages. It has been repaired to the precious condition. But the condition of the part stretches towards Simatai deteriorates.

To enter the wall, it costs CNY65. The cable car can take the tourists to the highest point. And it needs CNY 40. If you want to extend your journey to the Simatai, there is an amount of CNY 50 fee. Moreover, crossing the suspension bridge costs CNY5.

Hebei Day Trekking Travel Jinshanling Great WallJinshanling Great Wall Main Sights

1. Kylin Screen Wall

The Kylin Screen Wall is on the Small Pot Tower between the East Five-window Tower and the Three-window Tower. It shows the art of the wall architecture. The wall contains 15 blue bricks. It is 2.5 meters in length and 2 meters in height.

2. General Tower

The General Tower has won the praise of the “Most Representative Enemy Tower”. It is one of the most important part in the defensive system.

3. Bricks with Characters

There are many bricks with characters on them. It records the battles and other events.

4. Small Jinshan Tower

The Small Jinshan Tower is 12 meters in length, 11 meters in width, and 8 meters in height. You can find shooting holes and stone door there.

5. Big Jinshan Tower

The Big Jinshan Tower has the pavement of seven tiers of stone slabs. The gates of the tower are bit hard to find.