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Juyong Pass of Great Wall

As one of the greatest wonders in the world, the Great Wall has many highlights for travelers to discover. We Explore China Tibet has prepared several excellent tours of the Great Wall – Juyong Pass of Great Wall is the one we highly recommend. Take a look at this historic site!

New 7 Wonders of the World

As a world-famous historic site, the Great Wall has gained high reputation for its grand design, steep stairs, long history, stretching meters, etc. With a history of about 2,700 years, some of the Great Wall sections are now in ruins or have disappeared. However, it still remains to be the most attractive spots in China due to its architectural grandeur and historical significance.

Juyongguan Great Wall is one of the three most famous passes along the Great Wall of China, together with Jiayuguan and Shanhaiguan. Thus, it’s one of the popular attraction sites in the Great Wall. Around 50 kilometers away from downtown area of Beijing, it’s in Changping district. And it takes about 1 hour to drive there.

Main Attractions in Juyongguan

  • Cloud Platform (Yuntai) – High platform in the center of the pass. A white marble construction with statues of four heavenly gods and sutra scriptures.
  • Southern & Northern Gate (Nanbeiguan) – Juyongguan has two entrances in South and North directions.
  • Ancient Artillery (Gupao) – This kind of hot weapons were largely used during the Ming Dynasty.
Juyong Pass of Great Wall Beijing Day tour 6
Juyong Pass of Great Wall Beijing Day tour

Most importantly, it’s the climbing process that matters most. Not only can you leave your footprints along the way up the Juyongguan, but also enjoy the architecture grandeur by hiking. When standing the top of the Juyongguan, you’ll soak up in the exciting atmosphere as well as the stunning view.

For your information, the pass is roughly circular with a perimeter of about 4,530 yards (4,142 meters) long. The widest point of the wall is 18 yards (16.7 meters), while the narrowest measures only 1.3 yards (1.2 meters). Therefore, do prepare yourself well to start this energy-consuming tour in Juyongguan. A pair of comfortable footwear, bottled water, sun cream, etc. Lastly, welcome to book with our professional tour guide and we’ll lead you through the wonderful history of Juyongguan. Read more on Beijing Day Tours with explore China Tibet travel service.