Guilin Minority Culture Travel Lijiang Folk Customs Garden
Guilin Minority Culture Travel Lijiang Folk Customs Garden

Lijiang Folk Customs Garden is on the Linjiang Road of Guilin City in Guangxi Province of Southwest China. Lijiang refers to Li River. To look from there,the Li River’s surface is very broad. Thus tourists can get an excellent vision. Not only the place is good to go in the day time but also evening. In the evening, tourists can enjoy the moonlight and fishing boats.

The garden is a recreational area that integrates the culture, art, folk customs, and dining of Miao, Yao, Dong and Zhuang ethnic minorities in Guangxi. It is the largest entertainment place as well as the minority building group in Guangxi.

Inside the Lijiang Folk Customs Garden, visitors can watch totem poles of ethnic minorities. Besides, the tallest Dong Drum Tower, Fengyu Bridge, performance stage and Miao Village scenery are spectacular.

What’s more, visitors can listen to the ethnic songs and watch the performances. There are many handicrafts on display as well. The local snacks are worth trying. Additionally, visitors can see the magical Chinese material arts show.

Lijiang Folk Customs Garden Main Sights

1. Fengyu Bridge( Wind and Rain Bridge)

Where there are mountain and water, there is the Dong minority. Where there is the Dong minority, there is a Fengyu Bridge. The Fengyu Bridge is also known as Hua Bridge( Flower Bridge). It is a kind of Dong traffic custom. Miao people like mountains. At the same time, they like building their villages near the river or creek. That is why the Dong village has the arched bridge, stone bridge, bamboo bridge and so on. The most ethnic one is the Wind and Rain Bridge.

2. Drum Tower

According to Dong ancient songs, each ancestor must build a drum tower after move to a new place. They firstly found the drum tower before building their own houses. Before that, they live in a shelter temporarily. Furthermore, people have to make their houses shorter than the drum tower. Thus drum tower is the symbol of group authority. Meanwhile, it is also the important signal of Dong Village.

Dong Drum Tower symbolizes the good luck and prosperity. Therefore, the construction of drum tower is the common will and honor of all the villagers. Locals treat it as a festive event. So every family is happy to pay for it. In addition, the tower is established by family name.

Lijiang Folk Customs Garden Travel Info

Best Travel Time: Because Guilin is in the low altitude. It has a subtropical monsoon climate. The weather is mild with four-season abundant rainfall and adequate sunshine. The annual mean of temperature is 19.3 ℃. There is no hot summer and cold winter. However, the best time to travel is autumn.

Location: Lijiang Road, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, China

Entrance Fee: CNY 45 in the daytime ; CNY 60 in the evening

Opening Hours: 08:30~21:30

How to Get There: Take bus 13 or 14 to get off at Jiefang Bridge stop. Then walk towards north for 15 minutes. Or take the free bus 58 to get there.