Have already enjoyed the modern city life in Chengdu? Want to go further in Western Sichuan? Then you won’t miss the Mirror Lake! Along the Sichuan-Tibet journey, it is a wonderful place to unwind. Come and look at its travel information down below!

Mirror Lake – Fabulous View in Every Aspect

Mirror Lake - Must-see Attraction in Jiuzhaigou National Park
Mirror Lake – Must-see Attraction in Jiuzhaigou National Park

At 2390 meters above the sea level, Mirror Lake is a must-see attraction in Jiuzhaigou national park. It is a long and narrow lake with the average depth of 11 meters and an area of 190,000 square meters. Wrapped by primitive forests, this lake is opposite of the majestic mountains. Besides, this lake has rich layers. Blue sky, white clouds, dense forests, steep slopes, colorful leaves, multi-level waterfall, etc. Implying from the name, this lake is like a mirror that replicates the ground and the sky without distortion.

Thus, with all scenery reflected in the lake, it shows a “fish swimming among the cloud, birds flying in the water” natural wonder. Near the lake there is a tree reaching the sky, which is tightly twisted by a long vine, just like two sweet lovers. Therefore, people gave Mirror Lake another romantic name, Love Park.

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