Top Tibet China Tour Attractions - The Yellow Mountains in Huangshan — A Top National Park
Top Tibet China Tour Attractions – The Yellow Mountains in Huangshan — A Top National Park

Mount Huangshan literally mean yellow mountain. It is a mountain range in Anhui Province of China. The mountain is a good and famous place to see the sunrise. Moreover, it is also renowned for pine trees, granite peaks with peculiar shape, hot springs and clouds views. The vegetation on the Mount Huangshan is very thick. And the trees grow up to the 1,800 meter-tree line.

The traditional Chinese paintings always draw this area. Furthermore, it is also the frequent subject of Chinese literature and modern photography. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of China’s most popular tourist destinations.

Mount Huangshan Main Sights

  • 1. Sunrise at the North Sea
  • 2. Huangshan Clouds
  • 3. Huangshan Rock Face
  • 4. Guangming Summit
  • 5. Huangshan Pines
  • 6. Bamboo Forest
  • 7. The Nine Dragon Waterfall
  • 8. Guicang Temple

Inspirations based On Mount Huangshan

The reason why Mount Huangshan is so famous is mostly due to its importance in Chinese arts and literature. The famous poet of Tang Dynasty Li Bai created his poem from the inspiration of Huangshan. From Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, there were over 20,000 poems about Huangshan.

Except that, the Chinese ink painting is also deeply affected by Mount Huangshan. Even a painting school named after the mountain. What’s more, this spot has inspired the director of the movie” Avatar”, James Cameron.

Huangshan is the inspiration of scientific research too. Because it has diverse flora and wild life. In the late 20th century, scientists used this spot as a field study of Tibetan macaques.

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