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Chengdu New Century Global Center

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Top Chengdu Famous Business Center Chengdu New Century Global Center
Top Chengdu Famous Business Center Chengdu New Century Global Center

Welcome to the land of abundance – the city of Chengdu! As one of the most dynamic city in China, Chengdu has a lot wonders to offer for travelers. Thus, we have prepared many wonderful travel attraction info and related tours for you to explore this amazing land. New Century Global Center is one place that we highly recommend. Particularly, you’ll see the modern aspect of Chengdu.

New Century Global Center – Worlds Largest Freestanding Building in Chengdu

With the theme of “flowing melody”, New Century Global Center is the world’s largest single-unit building. Located at No. 1700, North Section of Tianfu Avenue, Gaoxin South District, Chengdu, this place covers an area of about 1,300 acres. By the way, the building is so large it is capable of housing the equivalent of 20 Sydney Opera Houses and is almost three times the size of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Generally, it is a multi-functional building integrating entertainment, exhibition, commerce, media, shopping and hotel. After its official completion, it has become an entertainment paradise.

Top Chengdu Travel and Shopping Destination Chengdu New Century Global CenterChengdu Global Center includes:

  • Paradise Island Ocean Paradise (about 250,000 square meters)
  • New Century Shopping Center (about 300,000 square meters)
  • New Century Global Center · Central Business City (about 720,000 square meters)
  • Global Center Paradise Intercontinental Hotel
  • Mediterranean style commercial town

For visitors, you can choose this place as a slow-down stop, where you may enjoy a spa, go for a gourmet, do some shopping, admire the local leisure lifestyle, etc. In addition, it’s a great place for family tour. There’s a Paradise Island Water Park, containing a 5,000 square meters artificial beach. Thus, Parents and children can have a good time here! Besides, a giant LRD screen that measures 150 by 40 meters provide indoor scenery, video, or important news above the great “indoor sea”.

Moreover, if you expect to explore Chengdu more, please have a look at our Chengdu tours listed below. With our local guide in Chengdu, we hope you can enjoy your vacation here. If you are interested in a business opportunity, and want to discover business potentiality, or just want to book a quick tour around Chengdu, please feel free to email us:

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