Jiuzhaigou Valley Exploration Trekking Travel - Peacock River
Jiuzhaigou Valley Exploration Trekking Travel – Peacock River

Expect to discover more in Western Sichuan? Attracted by the natural wonders in Jiuzhaigou? Come and book our Jiuzhaigou tours with our local tour guides! Moreover, we Explore China Tibet have prepared you a famous attraction in Jiuzhaigou – Peacock River. Have a quick look!

Peacock River – Colorful Oil Painting of Nature in Jiuzhaigou

Peacock River is close to five-color lake. From the outlet of five-color lake, you’ll proceed to the Peacock river. It is 310 meters long with plenty of vegetation on the two sides, including trees, bush and colorful flowers. Besides, the water appears in a cacophony of varieties colors: dark green, golden, and sapphire blue. That’s why the lake is named after “Peacock”.

And in autumn, the scenery is even better! With all mountain covering with colorful leaves, the river is shining among the “oil painting”. When overlooking from above, the bright and clear water flows in a colorful world and it is like a peacock displaying its fine tail feathers.

To maximize your travel experience in Jiuzhaigou, you’d better book a local tour guide to lead you through the enormous landscape. We’re happy to offer you one! Above all, hope you can enjoy every minute in Jiuzhaigou with our local service!