Jiuzhaigou Private Tour-Pearl Shoal Waterfall
Jiuzhaigou Valley Private Travel to Pearl Shoal Waterfall

Travel to Jiuzhaigou national park!? The fabulous heaven on earth and a super paradise for nature photography. This enormous landscape holds countless wonders including Pearl Shoal Waterfall, Huanglong, Five-color lake, etc. Thus, come and see the travel information of Pearl Shoal Waterfall listed below!

Pearl Shoal Waterfall – Magnificent Sights in Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou is in Aba and Qiang Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northern Sichuan province. Pearl Shoal Waterfall is one of the natural wonders in Jiuzhaigou valley. With an altitude of 2,433 meters, this waterfall is 162.5 meters in width. Even if it’s not a very high waterfall, but it’s very wide and impressive. Meanwhile, it forms the most beautiful scenery among the water landscape.

To be more specific, the limestone cliffs make up their drops, providing an interesting texture while the waters are weaving their way between plenty of vegetation. Also, visitors might see this waterfall with the backdrop of stunning alpine mountain. Besides, in Autumn, you probably will enjoy the place even more when the leaves would change color and provide even more contrasting colors to the scenery.  Most importantly, visitors can view this waterfall from different angles, a 360 view. Therefore, when you walk through the whole park, you won’t want to miss this stunning view!

Let’s see what you exactly can appreciate in Jiuzhaigou Valley! Admire the magic lakes, watch the beautiful multi-level waterfalls, view the great snow-capped mountains, explore the colorful primitive forests, visit the local Tibetan villages, enjoy wonderful culture shows, and sample local ethnic culture and religions.

Above all, the Pearl Shoal Waterfall is a beautiful addition to the park. To maximize your travel experience, book with our professional local guide! Should you have any questions, please email us!