Guiyang City Tour to Qianling Park in Guizhou Province with Experienced Local Guide
Guiyang City Tour to Qianling Park

Qianling Park is a comprehensive tourist park, built in 1957. It is in the northwestern corner of Guiyang City. It got the name after the Qianling Mountain. The mountain has the title of “Qiannan’s First Mountain”. There is a zoon inside the quiet valley. And tourist can see the unique stones and clear springs everywhere.

Besides, a large number of monkeys and birds are living in this park. The park still preserves the quaternary glacial remains. Qianling Park is not only a famous scenic spot in China, but also has a complex geological structure and various plants. Thus it is a good base for teaching practice.

Except that, Qinaling Park is a national AAAA grade tourist area. The park is famous for temples, mountains, valleys, springs and monkeys. Meanwhile, visitors can catch a view of the full city on the pavilion there. Locals consider it a bright pearl on the Guizhou Plateau.

Qianling Park Main Sights

1. Holy Spring

The Holy Spring comes from the half way of the mountain. It is 600 meters southwest of Qianling Lake. Because the water is very clean. People think it is from heaven. Plus the mist from the forest surrounds the fountain makes the spring more holier.

2.Honfu Temple

The Honfu Temple existed since 1672. It is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Guizhou.

3. Qianling Lake

The Qianling Lake is at the foot of the Qianling Mountai. Around the lake, there are plenty of trees. Moreover, there are pavilions for tourists to have a rest.

4. Macaque Road

Over 500 macaques live on the mountain. On your way to the zoo, you will find a lot.

5. Kylin Cave

It is a famous historical spot. Chiang Kai-shek once was imprisoned there. Generals Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng abducted Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek. They forced him to fight against Japanese during the Sino-Japanese war.

6. Zoo

There is a small zoon inside the park. However, not so many species reside inside the zoo. It is a good try though.

Travel Info

Location: 177 Zaoshan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China

Opening Hours: 6:30-22:00

How to Get there: Take the bus 1,2,10,12,13,16,22,25,33,41,51,53,72 in the downtown.