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Chengdu Local Tour Qingyang PalaceWelcome to explore  Qingyang Palace with local Chengdu insider tour guide!

Brief info about Qingyang Palace (Green Ram Temple)

Qingyang Palace is a famous Taoist temple in Chengdu of Sichuan province.It was built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).At that time, many people believes in Taoism. Thus the Qingyang Palace gained an important place.

However, most parts inside the Qingyang Palace inherited the buildings from Qing Dynasty. For example, Doulao Hall ,Sanqing Hall,the Eight Trigrams Pavilion, the Eight Trigrams Pavilion and Wuji Palace are the best demonstrations.

Chengdu City Tour Qingyang PalaceThe Eight Trigrams Pavilion is the grandest construction of the palace. The style shows the ideas of old Chinese Eight Trigrams Pavilion. Because the ancient philosophers believe the sky is round while the earth is square. The building features on square base with colorful bright dome on top. Besides, the eight pillars with the dragon drawing stand in the corridor. Meanwhile, there are magnificent symbols of the eight trigrams over the ceiling.

Except that, the Sanqing hall includes two striking bronze goats. It was said those two were got from Beijing in Qing Dynasty. Actually one of the goat has a strange appearance. It has the chicken’s eyes and dragon’s horns. Surprisingly , the statue combines the characteristics of different animals such as mouse and dog ect.

Moreover, lots of Taoist relics are in exhibition. Here you can find the stone figure of Lu Dongping. He was a very influential Taoist scholar. At the same time, the palace also shows the wooden carving of the Taoism.

Walking around Qingyang Palace, travelers can see locals dinning, drinking tea and palying Mahjong inside the teahouse. Not only can the travelers visit the cultural relics of Taoism, but also experience local life there.


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