Chengdu Around Skiing Travel Taiziling Ski Resort
Chengdu Skiing Travel to Taiziling Ski Resort

Taiziling Ski Resort is between Wenchuan County and Mao County in Aba Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, China. It is within Qinglongping inside the Jiuding Mountain Scenic Area. At the same time, the ski resort is 160 Km far from the capital city Chengdu of Sichuan. The resort is 2750 meters above sea level with a ski slope as long as 2.5 km. The resort has a daily capacity of 5,000 people

The negative oxygen ion concentration of the Taiziling Ski Resort is very high. The PM2.5 is always less than 50 in the long run. During the snowy season, 70% of the time is sunny with good weather. The temperature during the day can reach 15 ° and the night is about 20 °. In winter, it is not cold and the summer is not hot. Thus the weather is very pleasant. It is a rare pure natural ecological resort around Chengdu.

Moreover, the Jiuding Mountain Scenic Area has a very beautiful natural environment. The area is rich in vegetation resources. It is a multi-functional place of outdoor camping, tourism, sports and leisure. The spot has not only won the praise of “the city of sunshine” but also “the country of snow”.

Here at Jiuding Mountain zone, in the spring, azaleas are stacked in full bloom. In the summer, the wild flowers will be blooming diffuse mountains while the forest is colorful in the autumn. Besides, in the winter, the snow covers the mountain with the bright sunshine. It looks very sacred. So the place is said the nearest paradise as well as most pure and natural place. The blue sky, white cloud and snow-capped mountains together constitute the most magnificent picture of the beauty.

Taiziling Ski Resort Touring and Facilities

  • 1.Skiing
  • 2.Snow project
  • 3.Viewing cableway
  • 4.Ho Ming Chong Holiday Inn
  • 5.Scenic restaurant

Overview of Skiing Run

1. The ski resort has two primary roads, a total length of 300 meters. Respectively, the slope is of 7% and 15%.

2. Intermediate Road has two, a total length of 1700 meters. The slope is 22% and 36%.

3. There is one senior Road, a length of 300 meters. The slope is 55%.

4. The snow flying saucer has one road 1, 200 meters long. The slope is 17%.