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Tianfu Square Day Tour Economic Center of Chengdu
Tianfu Square – Economic Center of Chengdu

Welcome to explore Tianfu Square with local insider guide!

Tianfu Square Brief Info

Tianfu Square is in central Chengdu city, Sichuan province, China. It is the symbol of Chengdu as well as the largest square in southwest China. Besides, the square has gained the similar reputation like Tiananmen Square of Beijng. The area has a coverage of 88,368 square meters surrounded by skyscrapers. There is a famous saying that you do not see the real Chengdu without going to Tianfu Square.

The square has a circle shape. It contains two parts divided by a “S ” line. Amazingly, it looks like a Taichi motif. The Golden Sun Bird design stands in the central square. On the west and east of the square, there are two statues in symmetry.

Besides, there are musical fountains on the square. And the music plays with the water spring out in the evening. Many locals walk around the square after the dinner to see the music show. Furthermore, many colorful neon lights light up the whole square. It creates a romantic atmosphere for pedestrians.

The square area is the most central business zone of Chengdu. Many department stores and restaurants are bustling around it. Moreover, the metro line 1 and line 2 meets there. It makes a good flow of people. Tourists at there can see how locals get busy going to and getting off work.

In spite of the rush hours on the square, actually this place is also good for people to chill out. Lots of young people stroll around the square and do some shopping around the area. You will find Sichuan people are really enjoying themselves in the busy urban life.

Except the square, travelers can also visit the Chengdu Museum, Sichuan Technology and Science Museum and People’s Park nearby.