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Wenshu Yuan Monastery

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Welcome to explore Wenshu Yuan Monastery in Chengdu, Sichuan province! Wen Shu Yuan is a large Buddhist monastery in downtown Chengdu and has become a major tourist attraction among foreign travelers. It is a monastery dedicated to Wen Shu buddha, the Chinese name of the future Buddha Maitreya. It was first built during the Sui Dynasty (605–617) and but was destroyed by war during the Ming Dynasty. It was later reestablished by Zen master Ci Du Hai Yue in 1697 during the Qing Dynasty.

Wen Shu Yuan is the ideal place in Chengdu to absorb some East Asian religious atmosphere. You will admire the delicate architecture, hear chanting and enjoy moments of tranquility. Monks here are very friendly and love to interact with visitors. The monastery is easily accessible by Chengdu’s public transportation system (metro, buses, etc). It is also a popular place for all kinds of sightseeing and leisure activities. Locals love to stroll inside the monastery and enjoy tea while sitting in the tea house. The monastery also serves the best vegetarian food in Chengdu. In the recent years, the neighborhood enclosing Wen Shu Yuan has become a matrix of lively commercial streets. Locals and tourists alike gather here to hang out, shop, dine and drink.

Tour attraction name in Chinese: 文殊院
Address in Chinese: 成都市青羊区文殊院街66号
Address in English: Qingyang District, Wenshuyuan Road No. 66, Chengdu
Tel: 028-86935293
Opening Hours: 6:30 am – 5:30 pm

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Famous Chengdu Attractions Wenshu Monastery Day Trip
Chengdu Attractions Wenshu Monastery Day Trip

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5.0 rating
3 Reviews
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Escalator to the top for 20 rmb.

5.0 rating
June 1, 2020

Nice view of the city and the irrigation system. Nice walk up, quiet and lots of smaller temples. Signs in English. You need entry tickets to the park to get here.
We walked to the end of the irrigation park. Went on the bridge on the east side and went up. From the top we walker to the east exit of the park which exits in a street with cute shops.

Pierre Picaud

Free Tea Samples a Bonus

5.0 rating
June 1, 2020

A rare find in Chengdu; this peaceful monastery offers an insight into local culture and also a place to relax and drink tea or eat. Entry is free, somewhat of a rarity, and they even had free small taster cups of tea. Surrounding, there are various shrines which are visited respectively by locals and visitors alike. The whole area is well maintained with nice gardens, clean walkways, and the smell of incense fills the air. There is a social atmosphere around the tea house and it all seems very calm. The architecture is something to marvel at as well.


Authentic monastery experience, great food

5.0 rating
June 1, 2020

This is a must visit for anyone looking to have a terrific Sichuan hotpot or just a fantastic food buffet. It never disappoints. Being a Buddhist place, all of the food is vegan, and all of the food is delicious!


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