Yunnan Impression Show, is an impressive song and dance performance featuring Yunnan ethnic minorities. The highlight of this show is the “Peacock Dance”, which is directed by a famous artist— Yang Liping.

Yunnan Hilghlight Travel & Culture Tour Enjoy Yunnan Impression Show
Yunnan Hilghlight Travel & Culture Tour – Yunnan Impression Show

Unique Performance Featured by Yunnan Ethnic Minorities 

Yunnan impression show creats for foreign travellers who are fond of cultural activities and night life experience in China, Yunnan. The show represents the expressive features of Yunnan ethnic minorities. Also, the director of the show is one of the most famous artists, Yang Liping, the “Peacock Princess” in China. In addition, around 70% of the performers are from local ethnic villages in Yunnan Province. They all wear traditional costumes to give a sense of ethnic atmosphere.

Yunnan Impression Show – Performance List & Information

This show lasts for about 100 minutes, blending traditional song and dance, novel dance with modern dance perfectly.

Time: 20:00-21:30 (Monday-Sunday)
Venue: Yunnan Art Theatre (No 132-134, West Dongfeng Road, Kunming)

Yunnan—Multi-ethnic Province in the Southwestern of China

Yunnan is a multi-ethnic province in the southwestern frontier of the motherland. In addition, it has a profound cultural background and is one of the birthplaces of mankind. Therefore,  it leaves precious world cultural heritage and world natural heritage for human civilization. Furthermore, is an important symbiotic treasure trove of human heritage. 26 nationalities live in unity and harmony, forming a unique multi-ethnic group. Therefore, the cultural becomes part of the treasure house of Chinese culture shine!