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Dear worldwide travelers,

Welcome to China travel blog. Based in Lhasa, Tibet, with branch office in Chengdu, local China guide travel service team present the informative tourism blog. Through our proactive hard work in China inbound tourism field, even during the hardest time of COVID19 spreading around the world, we keep updating our websites and provide the latest tourism guidelines, news, policy and unprecedented tourism restriction updates. 

We know it is very hard for families around the world. Many people lost their jobs and income due to the invisible enemy. China is the earliest country to have the highly contagious virus, but our government and all our people work together after this disaster happened from around January 22. As of April 20, Tibet/China tourism is in the slow recovery process. We saw more and more tourism attractions lift the tour ban and open to public step by step. Tibetan people can slowly begin their daily religious life, for example, people in Lhasa can walk around Potala Palace from few days ago, even some monasteries still restrict large crowds gathering. 

China Tourism Blog Update 2020

Let’s work together and fight together to defeat the invisible evil.And we believe we are one people and all are one. We pray hard for anyone infected by the disease. And our deepest condolences go to all those who died because of the COVID19. With the unity and perseverance, reliance and wisdom, we believe we will win together. If you or your loved ones are planning a tour to Tibet or any other parts of China, please feel free to check out our China travel blogs, or email to or We will work in our power to help you.

Guide for self-driving travel from Chengdu to Mount Siguniang, Guide for self-driving travel to Mount Siguniang Siguniang Mountain, located in Siguniangshan Town, Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture, is only 200 kilometers away from Chengdu and has an elevation of 6,250 meters. It is the highest peak of Qionglai Mountains, the second highest peak in Sichuan, and the third highest peak of Hengduan Mountains. We can provide you with a variety of private customized tours, group tours, self-guided tours, chartered self-service tours and local hotel reservation services. Welcome to consult and add WeChat: 18080158435.
Siguniang Mountain, a 4-hour drive from Chengdu, is home to more than 70 large and small snow-capped mountains, lying in Siguniangshan Town, Xiaojin County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. At present, there are three ditch open to the outside world in the scenic area: Shuangqiaogou, Changpinggou and Haizigou. It is not well-known here, but the scenery is definitely not lost in Aden, Daocheng. A 4H drive from Chengdu, there are more than 70 snow-capped mountains and 3 valleys that are not famous, but the scenery is even more beautiful than Daocheng Yading.
Gaiwancha, a traditional tea drinking custom among people in Sichuan and other places. It is a tea set with a lid on the top, a tray on the bottom, and a bowl in the middle. Also known as "Sancai bowl", the cover is heaven, the tray is earth, and the bowl is human. The taste of Gaiwan tea is endless. Put the tea lid in the bowl. If you want the tea soup to be thicker, use the tea lid to gently scrape on the surface of the water to turn the whole bowl of tea up and down. Light scraping will make it lighter and heavy scraping will make it thicker. Some people who know the tea ceremony are good at tasting tea. They believe that if the tea is not clear, it is ordinary tea.
Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Museum is the only living theme museum in the world that takes cuisine culture as the display content. It is the architectural style of the neo-classical garden. It is divided into preface hall, collection hall, interactive demonstration hall, tasting leisure hall, Zaowang Temple, Sichuan raw material processing tool display area, Sichuan food raw material display area and so on. The Sichuan Cuisine Museum took more than ten years from collection to opening. The Collection Museum displays the history of Sichuan cuisine culture with cultural relics, classics, and pictures. Visitors can learn about the origin, evolution, development, and formation of Sichuan cuisine culture. Here you can see the different utensils used by Sichuan cuisine in different periods, to understand the productivity and people's living habits at that time, and the aesthetic needs at that time.

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