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Dear worldwide travelers,

Welcome to China travel blog. Based in Lhasa, Tibet, with branch office in Chengdu, local China guide travel service team present the informative tourism blog. Through our proactive hard work in China inbound tourism field, even during the hardest time of COVID19 spreading around the world, we keep updating our websites and provide the latest tourism guidelines, news, policy and unprecedented tourism restriction updates. 

We know it is very hard for families around the world. Many people lost their jobs and income due to the invisible enemy. China is the earliest country to have the highly contagious virus, but our government and all our people work together after this disaster happened from around January 22. As of April 20, Tibet/China tourism is in the slow recovery process. We saw more and more tourism attractions lift the tour ban and open to public step by step. Tibetan people can slowly begin their daily religious life, for example, people in Lhasa can walk around Potala Palace from few days ago, even some monasteries still restrict large crowds gathering. 

China Tourism Blog Update 2020

Let’s work together and fight together to defeat the invisible evil.And we believe we are one people and all are one. We pray hard for anyone infected by the disease. And our deepest condolences go to all those who died because of the COVID19. With the unity and perseverance, reliance and wisdom, we believe we will win together. If you or your loved ones are planning a tour to Tibet or any other parts of China, please feel free to check out our China travel blogs, or email to or We will work in our power to help you.

Google expands the local life guide service Local Guides, adding social elements Source: Global Travel News Google will display high-quality local experts at the bottom of its map app. Users can view their local recommendations after paying attention to these experts. [Global Travel News] Google ’s Local Guides service has reached 120 million members, covering 24,000 event locations around the world. As an important part of the Google map experience, in addition to providing reviews, pictures and other content, Local Guides will also answer a series of questions about local businesses and locations.
Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and many other airline companies update the information on flights and transfers between the United States and China. Delta plans to retain 2 US-China routes in June At present, the level of US travel restrictions is Level 4 and travel is not recommended. For those who plan to return to China, please contact relevant domestic departments in advance and report in advance. The relevant information of the US-China route is continuously updated: Retained information for US-China routes in May: execution time is May 3 to May 31. Contact local China guide for the latest tourism news update.
As of May13,2020, The notice pointed out that airlines should strictly implement the latest version of "Technical Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Epidemic Situation of Transport Airlines" issued by the Office of Civil Aviation Prevention and Control Leading Group. Take strict prevention and control measures on flights arriving and leaving China to ensure that the occupancy rate is not higher than 75%. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the Civil Aviation Administration may issue a policy to further tighten the total volume of international passenger flights. Each airline should make a judgment in advance and do a good job in postponing and refunding tickets already sold.
Those who visit Lugu Lake for the first time will choose this route. And the Lugu Lake Classic Three-Day Tour Best Season is from March to October. Here below let local China guide travel service team recommend you the 3 days tour to Lugu from Lijiang. Lugu Lake Photography Route overview D1 Lining Eighteen Bend Observation Deck (15 minutes) → Lugu Lake Observation Deck (15 minutes) → Daluoshui Pier (10 minutes) → Lugu Lake Scenic Area-Lugu Lake Lock Island (2 hours) → Rig Island (2 hour) D2 Rig Island (30 minutes) → Nisai Village (30 minutes) → Xiaoluoshui (1 hour) → Luyuan Cliff (30 minutes) → Libai Lover Beach (30 minutes) → Last Princess Palace (40 minutes) → Caohai (2 hours) → Goddess Bay (2 hours) D3 Rig Island (10 minutes) → Nisai Village (cable car ride) → Gam Mountain (half day)-back to Lijiang.

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