Sichuan Car Rentals Services 2020/2021

Can I rent a suitable car for our Sichuan scenic landscape tour? This is a common question asked by overseas travelers. Here at Explore China Tibet Travel Service, we provide you with the “easy car rental and driver service”! is a brand name of Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS, a reputable Tibet local tour operator on TripAdvisor. Driven by our passion for Tibet and China inbound tourism for foreign travelers, we keep working hard to bring you the most flexible and quality holidays with the cheapest prices on local tours, car rentals, guide hire, Tibet travel permits and more. With our Sichuan vehicle rental service, you can definitely tailor make your 2018/2019 Sichuan holiday easily with lower budget.

Choose the car types 2018-2019-Explore Chengdu, Sichuan province Flexibly!

China Sichuan Car Rental Service
China Sichuan Car Rental Services

1. Toyota Prado
2. Toyota Land Cruiser 200
3. Jeep Compass SUV
4. Iveco Mini bus
5. American Buick Business Minivan
6. Korean Hyundai Car
6. Korean Hyundai MPV or mini bus
7. Transit Ford Mini van
8. Transit Ford Mini bus
9. Yutong Mini Bus
10. Toyota Coaster

Our Sichuan Vehicle Rental Service Highlights:

  1.  You do not have to make all your holiday bookings with travel agency;
  2.  You design your flexible trip and control your budget;
  3.  You have a safe local driver;
  4.  You can have one on one travel constancy from our team

To avoid crowded travel with a large group of travelers, our Sichuan car rental services help you to explore Sichuan in your way. To rent a car with driver from or to Chengdu, your Sichuan travel itinerary can be customized according to your plans and interests, and during the travel, you can stop wherever you want, take photos as many as you like, and enjoy the time as much as you can, you will feel very flexible as you are traveling on own. We can provide various vehicles from luxury sedan to big tourists bus just depending on your requirements. We only provide reliable driver with professional drive skills.

To travel in and around Chengdu, covering nearby famous attractions such as Leshan Grand Buddha, Mt.Emei, Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, or Yibin bamboo sea, Langzhong ancient city, Dujiangyan and Qingcheng mountain, ect, you can choose any type of the vehicles, the roads condition is pretty good. But If you want to travel the western or northern parts of sichuan – Ganzi and Aba, or even do the overland trip to Tibet, you need to rent a better quality vehicle such as SUV and very comfortable van, 4 WD.

So why not send us one quick inquiry for your Sichuan travel? We will send you quick solution.