Top 10 Chengdu Restaurants recommended by local travel agency
As Dunlop who is a gastronome said, “Sichuan Cuisine is full of excitement and stimulant.”  The dishes have their deep and rich flavors, particularly the taste of Sichuan pepper. Chengdu is   the capital of Sichuan province where people can find a dozen restaurants on every street. Here Explore China Tibet provides top 10 Chengdu Restaurants, […]
social gathering eating hot pot
I have  heard so many foreigners tell me that they love hot food.Since I am from the authentic spicy hometown,Sichuan,China,a hub of different types of spicy and numbing foods.A question hovers around my brain is always: how spicy can they accept?The result always fails me.So here is the authentic spicy sichuan cuisine recommendation from an […]