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China Car & Driver Rentals Services 2020/2021

The public transport in China is convenient for foreign travelers. But, generally speaking, the public transport in China is only suitable for transport between major cities.  Like local Chinese passengers, foreign travelers can have many trains or flights options. But this is not true for travelers who want to go to places where public transport does not take them there and many of these places are really scenic and authentic. Further more, China is still a developing country which is not very much international and not fully open. More than 95% of Chinese people do not speak English. The road codes are not easy to read, and there are TOO many video cameras (the Electronic traffic polices are almost anywhere, both in cities and on many parts of the high ways). Let alone the procedure for a foreign traveler to apply a local China driving license is very problematic and time consuming. On the other hand, with the internet fast development and smart phone, you do not have to book a full package tour from a travel agency to cover everything. Those private tours packages look quite good, but you will be raped off with the high prices. Actually what you need is just a car and a driver. If language is one main issue, to hire an English speaking driver could make traveling much easier. However most drivers in China do not speak English and other foreign languages at all. So before coming to China, you’d better do more research on the destination you are going, and prepare lots of electronic materials such as road maps, language translation APP, etc and download to your mobile. Then you just need to hire a good car and a good driver. Your trip will be very easy and you can still keep your price under budget control. Your driver can take you to most places you dream to visit and experience.

Our China car & driver rental options 2020 -2021

1. Toyota Prado
2. Toyota Land Cruiser 200
3. Jeep Compass SUV
4. Iveco Mini bus
5. American Buick Business Minivan
6. Korean Hyundai Car
6. Korean Hyundai MPV or mini bus
7. Transit Ford Mini van
8. Transit Ford Mini bus
9. Yutong Mini Bus
10. Toyota Coaster

Our China Vehicle Rental Service Highlights:

  1.  You do not have to make all your holiday bookings with travel agency;
  2.  You design your flexible trip and control your budget;
  3.  You have a safe local driver;
  4.  You can have one on one travel constancy from our team

To avoid crowded travel with a large group of travelers, our China car rental services help you visit China in your way. To rent a car with driver is the way to go, your China travel itinerary can be customized according to your plans and interests, and during the travel, you can stop wherever you want, take photos as many as you like, and enjoy the time as much as you can, you will feel very flexible as you are traveling on own. We can provide various vehicles from luxury sedan to big tourists bus just depending on your requirements. We only provide reliable driver with professional drive skills.

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