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China High Speed Trains-World Famous Fast Journey on Railway

China High Speed Trains have greatly cut down the travel time as well as changed Chinese society and economy. Over the past 15 years, China’s High Speed Railway System (CHSRS) has developed abruptly. That means traveling around China becomes more and more convenient and efficient. Due to that partly, China has been chosen as one of the top 10 travel destinations in 2018 according to Lonely Planet.

High-speed trains run at speeds of 250 km/h to 350 km/h. However in China, high speed trains mainly refer to G-class and D-class trains. Furthermore, certain C-class trains are also operated on the high-speed track.  Also those types of trains are high-speed. For example, the Beijing-Tianjing ICR reaches top speeds of 330 km/h. Additionally the facilities on those trains are modern and new in common.

China High Speed Trains Features

  • 1. Fast Speed   Compared with the normal-speed trains, the high-speed trains reduce the travel time greatly by half time. Especially the G-class trains, they are the fastest among all. Let us take the Shanghai-Chengdu trains for example. The G-class train no.1974 only takes 11 hours while the D-class trains need 14-15 hours. Whereas the slowest trains K-class take more than 24 hours.
  • 2. Punctuality  The high-speed trains usually arrive on time. And they are less affected by weather conditions. Moreover, they have the priority over the other trains on the railway. Meanwhile , the normal trains can be late and canceled.
  • 3. Many Daily Departures   The high speed trains are becoming more and more flexible in China. Even if you miss one, there is always another one usually. In addition, passengers can easily cancel or change their schedule.
  • 4. Comfort   All the facilities on the high-speed trains are very comfortable and new. Unlike the slow trains, these fast trains have brand-new equipment and use high technology. Travelers can get nice soft sleeper. If tourists choose seat ticket, they can still have enough space to extend themselves.

China High-speed Trains Types

G-class trains are the fastest and most expensive with the speeds of more than 300 kph. But D-class trains are slightly slower and cheaper than the G-class trains.  And C-class trains connect the neighboring cities. Notably  they are the cheapest among the three.

Except that, China has developed the newest bullet train,Fuxinhao. It is the fastest train in the world so far. The Fuxinghao showed up for the first time on the 26th of June, 2017. Presently, this type of train include G1/G2、G3/G4、G5/G6、G7/G8、G9/G10、G13/G14、G17/G18. They run between Beijing and Shanghai. In the future, the Fuxinghao will cover more cities such as Nanjing and Hangzhou ect.

The China Fuxinghao trains have the characteristics below:

Fully WIFI covered
Bigger space between the seats
Each seat has two sockets
Reading light is available above each seat

Maximum Speed 350 kph

(217 mph)

250 kph

(155 mph)

350 kph

(124 mph

Second Class           Yes            Yes         Yes
First Class           Yes            Yes         Yes
Superior Class           Yes         Yes
Business Class           Yes            Yes
Soft Sleeper            Yes

Soft Sleeper


Facilities on Board

1. Restaurant cabin
2. Canteen bars
3. Free boil boiled water
4. Toilets
5. Handicapped restroom
6. Adjustable Seats
7. 220V AC sockets
8. Air conditioning

New High-speed Trains Route Plan

From – ToLengthOpen Time

Baotou – Yinchuan


546km (339 miles)




Xining – Chengdu1068km (660 miles)2018
Guangzhou – Hong Kong180km (112 miles) 


How to Buy the Tickets of China High Speed Trains

The most convenient way to buy the tickets is through internet. Because it not only saves time but also energy. Explore China Tibet Travel Service offers the booking service to ease all your worries. Besides, it saves money and avoids trouble. We have professional travel advisor handling your inquiries. Please just email to us:, the booking fee is just 5-10 USD per ticket and you get instant support. You can pay us via paypal or wechat pay, or alipay.

However, passengers who want to buy the tickets at train station should bring the following documents:

International passengers: Passport or Travel Permit
Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan passengers: Mainland Travel Permit

RMB cash or China domestic bank card (normally international standard credit card may not get though when transacting.

China High Speed Trains Travel Tips

1. The carry-on baggage for each passenger has the limit of 20kg. The luggage size should not exceed 60*35*35 cm. And the dimension should be not over 130cm. If you’re the carry-on luggage does not fit the requirements, an additional fee will be coming.
2. Smoking is forbidden on the train.
3. There is no discount for the trains. All the prices are stable.
4. The station conductor usually can not speak English.
5. The train stops at each station just for few minutes.
6. To bring your own food can save money since everything is more expensive on board.
7. The train can be really crowded and noisy during holiday.

Right now there is no high speed train to or from Lhasa Tibet. If travelers want to take train to Lhasa, welcome to learn more about the Qinghai Tibet train travel and China trains.

What’s New on China Train Travel?

  • 1. Qinghai Tibet Train Travel Ticketing Update

Posted on Feb.5, 2018: Qinghai Tibet train travel ticketing becomes fairly easy if travelers’s travel schedule falls in low season between October and end of May of the next year. However due to Tibet travel permits restrictions, foreign travelers had better contact our Tibet travel agency earlier to find the best solution on train travel to or from Lhasa, Tibet.

  • 2. Chinese New Year Festival Season Train Travel Tips

Posted on 18th of January: Chinese New Year is known as a period of very high season starting from 1st of February to 12th of March. This year (2018), it is predicted to have over 388 million of people travelling by train during the Traditional Chinese Spring Festival. Therefore there will be overcrowded train stations in China. For this reason we kindly recommend you to plan your train trip and booking reservation very soon or at least 15-30 days in advance.

  • 3. High-Speed Trains between Xi’ and Chengdu operated from 6th of December last year (2017)

Posted on 29th of November, 2017: Between Xi’an and Chengdu train route there is regular high-speed train since 6th of December last year. Moreover since then there are daily 7 sets of bullet trains between Xi’an and Chengdu. This whole train journey will be around 4 hours instead 10 hours.

  • 4. The train route between Xiamen and Zhengzhou is active since 25th of November last year (2017).

Posted on 24th of November, 2017: Since last year on 25th of November high-speed train G2045/8/5 started operate between Xiamen North and Zhengzhou East. The interesting fact is that this high-speed journey will be shorted from 23 hours to 10 hours and 39 minutes. Therefore the train will have some stops at the popular tourists cities, like Wuhan, Fuzhou and Lushan.

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