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China Train Travel

When traveling in China, train is the best choice if time allowed. Because the train system in China is very sound and extensive. And the whole length of Chinese railway is as long as 124,000 km. It connects over 500 cities all over China. Moreover, the world’s highest railway, Qinghai-Tibet Railway is also included in the train transportation system. In total, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is 1956 km long. It is an important route into Tibet by train. This railway is the highest altitude railway in the world. Besides, it is the longest journey on frozen soil as well. To take the Qinghai Tibet train is the best experience to enter the holy place, Tibet. Some travelers may think it wastes time to take train. It is partly wrong. Currently China has many high speed trains across the country. These bullet trains shorten the travel time a lot. For instance, traveling to Xi’an from Chengdu needs 6-7 hours by normal speed train. However, it only takes 2.5-3 hours by high speed trains. It is almost as fast as taking the plane to Xi’an. In addition, taking train saves money for travelers. Not only the facilities are comfortable, but also it is great to enjoy the view along the railway.

Popular China Train Routes

Top China Trains Routes

China Train Travel Top China Trains Routes-

Beijing to Shanghai, Shanghai to Hangzhou and Beijing to Xi’an routes are quite popular. These three routes all include D/G trains. The Beijing-Shanghai route takes 4 hours and 48 minutes. And the other two take 45 minutes and 4 hours and 48 minutes respectively.

Qinghai Tibet Train Routes

China Train Travel Qinghai Tibet Train Routes

Taking Qinghai Tibet train travel is probably once a lifetime experience for westerners. Currently, there are eight routes to Tibet. They all pass by Qinghai. These routes include Beijng-Lhasa, Chengdu-Lhasa, Xi’an-Lhasa, Guangzhou-Lhasa and so on.

China Trains Schedule

China Train Travel China Trains Schedule

To know the trains schedule of the popular tourist destinations is very important. Because it makes you worry-free. Here we have just selected few of the train schedule of the following places:Beijing    Hangzhou      Shenzhen     Xi’an

Shanghai     Guangzhou      Guilin       Pingyao

What You Need to Know Before Booking China Trains

Nowadays, China has built the vastest and fastest train network in the world. As the most economic means of efficient transportation, China high-speed trains travel is getting more and more popular within foreign travelers in recent years. So is Qinghai Tibet railway travel! However, due to its heavy traffic in national holidays and important festivals, you may encounter ticket shortage. Moreover, there’s a saying that China railway booking is not that friendly to foreign travelers. Therefore, in order to maximize your railway travel experience in China, here at Explore China Tibet travel service, we offer you several articles with practical information about what to expect for traveling by China trains.

China high-speed trains Categories

Travel China by High-speed Train Categories of High-speed Train

China high speed trains mainly includes three types. They are G-type trains, D-type trains and C-type trains. In total, there are 2300 pairs of fast trains running all over China. It connects the major tourist destinations. They are rapid and well-equipped with facilities. It is a top choice for the budget travelers! Read more about China high speed trains.

How to buy China train tickets on internet

China Train Travel How to Buy Train Tickets in China

There are many channels to book China Tibet train tickets on line. However most booking gateway websites such as cannot serve foreign travelers directly and none of them speak good English at all. Here at Explore China Tibet travel service, we can help you book train tickets easily. Read more about how to buy  China train tickets.

How to select different China trains seat classes

How to Choose Different Train Types & Seat Classes

Overall there are seven types of classes on the China trains. They are first class, second class, business class ,VIP seat ,soft sleeper ,deluxe soft sleeper and high speed soft sleeper. The price varies on the class types. Here at Explore China Tibet Travel Service, we can help you select the seats. Read more about China trains types and seat classes.

China Tibet Train Travel Policy Guidelines

China Train Tour The Policy about China Train Ticket

When traveling in Tibet and China by trains, it is important to know the general train travel policies about the baggage allowance, booking system, cancellation and so forth.If you break the rules, there may be trouble. So it is important to know these practical guidelines before you go. Read more about the general China train travel rules and policies.

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