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Welcome to see the Xi’an Train Schedule!

There are two main stations in Xi’an. Namely they are Xi’an Railway Station and Xi’an North Railway Station.

Xi'an North Railway Station
Xi’an North Railway Station

Xi’an Railway Station

The Xi’an Railway Station is China’s fourth largest station. Besides, it is also a main transportation hub in Northwest China. Because it connects the train networks of northwest and southwest. And it operates trains to every province in China. So the trains bound for the cities such as Hangzhou, and Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

Xi’an North Railway Station

The Xi’an North Railway Station is the biggest train station in Asia. Because it is equipped with 18 platforms and 34 railway tracks. There are many high speed D-type and G-type trains to Guilin, Pingyao, Beijing, Shanghai, and Ningbo.

Xi’an Train Schedule

From To Main Trains Duration
Xi’an Station Beijing West  Station *Z44*Z20 12h55m


Shanghai *Z94 15h07m
Hangzhou Station *T114 18h59m
Guangzhou Station *Z266 21h57m
Shenzhen Station *Z232 23h39m
Guilin North  Station *K318 26h17m
Pingyao Station *2672 8h31m
Chengdu Station *K5*K879 16h07m


Chongqing North  Station *K1002 11h32m
Xi’an North Station Beijing West Station G26/ G658 12h55m


Shanghai  Hongqiao  Station G1918 15h07m
Shanghai Station *D308 18h59m
Hangzhou East  Station G1884 6h48m
Ningbo Station G1896 9h03m
Guangzhou South  Station G838 8h47m
Shenzhen  North  Station G820 09h27m
Guilin Station G1548 9h35m


Pingyao Gucheng  Station D2508 2h44m