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Kashgar Ancient Road Tours

Dear worldwide travelers, this is Askar, your local China guide in Kashgar. Welcome to travel to Kashgar, Xinjiang, China with Kashgar Ancient Road Tours – your Local China Guides in Xijiang! Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), is an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China, located in the northwest China! Kashi (short for Kashgar, meaning jade-like place) is a westernmost city in China, looking to the Tarim Basin to the east and the Pamirs to the west. As early as more than 2100 years ago, this is the meeting point of the south and north of the Chinese section of the Silk Road at the west end, and it is the transportation hub and gateway for China’s economic and cultural exchanges with the West.

“If your trip does not include Kashgar, your trip to Xinjiang is not complete!” Kashgar faces the Taklimakan Desert in the east, Karakoram Mountain in the south and the Ali region in Tibet, and the Pamirs in the west. The tourism resources here are still relatively rich, such as the largest Aitigaer mosque in Xinjiang, the exotic high-level residential houses, the legendary Xiangfei tomb, the unique scenery of Lake Karakuri, and the Mousse set off by her. Tagay Peak, as well as the port with the highest altitude-Khunjerab Port, and the Grand Bazaar, which highlights the local life…These are all combined into the unique western culture of Kashi, the desolate atmosphere of the plateau scenery, the tall and pure The beauty of the snowy mountains touches every inch of your nerves.

There are two cities in Kashgar, one is the old city and the other is the new city. Almost the main streets of the old city lead to the Etihad Mosque. On Friday morning, people can hear the Mai Zeng (religious duty) standing in the temple on the minaret, and the sound of calling the worshippers to tremble in the air of dawn, Floating across the wilderness. In addition to the attractions in Kashgar city, such as: Attikal Mosque, Xiangfei Tomb and Grand Bazaar, people who come to Kashi will also go to Lake Karakuri, Muztagh, Stone City and Red Qirafu port. Learn more about Kashgar. If you have any urgent questions, please feel free to call me (Askar: Cellphone: 86-18099988840, GMT+8: 9 am-9 pm).

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