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Local China Guide – BryanBai Xi’an In-depth Historical Tour

Hello everyone,

My name is Bryan Bai and I am a local guide who lives in Xi’an. And I am more than happy to be your Local China guide in Xi’an. I love my city where I have been here for more than 20 years. It is one of the most historical city in whole China. Most of my guests are family travelers, fellow friends, couples and students who are interested in asking me lots of questions on history, people’s life of living here in Xi’an. All my guides and drivers friends work as a reliable team with the clear and strong vision to bring the best value to our visitors. I hope it is lucky for you to find and book my tour service in this local great tourism platform. So in return your Xi’an tour will be the In-depth and also the most rewarding one.

Since the COVID19 outbreak, most of the people around the world lost jobs and income. It deeply infected the people from all walks of life. As a person who loves reading history books, I know many similar catastrophe happened in history worldwide. I believe we will conquer the invisible enemy soon. I have strong passion to share what I love. This COVID19 pandemic offered me much more time to learn and focus on my personal improvement and special interests in human history. Thanks to the internet which makes it easier for you to find my tours services directly. In the past years, many international Giants wanted me to join their namely gateway booking platform, however I am more than happy to join Local China Guide – the China local inbound tourism platform, because this is where visitors can expect better local prices, while in the mean time, local suppliers can get better income. I am happy to be my own master to offer my tourism services here. LCG helps me brand myself and my guides friends further. 

About Me- Bryan Bai: Who I am and What to Expect From Me.

 I obtained my tour guide license in 1999 and began to work as guide in Xi’an. Since then, I have been serving in Xi’an inbound tourism with my unique interest in Chinese history. Whether you are planning a tour of Xi’an or just have some interests in Chinese history, you are welcome to book with me.

When I studied in university, I chose Chinese history as my major course. In my spare time, reading historical books and taking seasonal pictures about my hometown are my favorable hobbies. I have been working in the tourist industry as a licensed English intermediate level tour guide for almost 12 years. Now I still love all the historical sights and the great treasures exhibited in the museums of Xi’an. Meanwhile, I want to find the rule of the Chinese history and uncover the code of the changing dynasties from the books I read, and share them with my friends in great passion before you want to visit Xi’an.

I am an honest, patient, down-to-earth and very responsible person. From almost 900 groups I had taken, I had not only won a lot of their compliment but also established long-term friendship with former tourists by my sincere service and hard-working job.

To be a good guide, you need to be honest, earnest, show professionalism, be willing to listen and learn continuously.You also need to have a humble and relaxed approach in relation to your knowledge and competence. I hope that my passion for my work and the sincere pleasure I experience sharing the sights I love with visitors to my city, will come through in my interactions with you and help to make your trip an unforgettable one. And this is kind of me. You can check further about my services reviews from tripadvisor. And my Xi’an tour reviews on LCG were all all originally from my guests who posted on TripAdvisor and I am more than happy to collect my reviews and post on LCG.

Come with me to travel in my hometown, I will be your reliable local cultural ambassador.

What I am highlighted to offer you?

When you travel with me, you will be interested in the history of Xi’an and China, and have a good time and commemorative experience. At the same time, I will serve you wholeheartedly to help you adapt to your lifestyle and meet your travel needs in Xi’an.

I can assure you that I will never include a money-making shopping trip in your tour group and other similar scams.

I will answer all your travel inquiries in the first time (within 12 hours)

My Xi’an Tour Guidance Service Scope

  • I will provide English-speaking guidance service for all historical sites in Xi’an (up to 8 hours). 
  • I can create a personalized itinerary for you. In addition to historical sites, Huashan is one of the sacred mountains in China. The Giant Panda Zoo, delicious local cuisine, exquisite Chinese-style ancient houses, and local folk fairs all display their own characteristics to attract overseas tourists. I can tailor a travel plan for you and incorporate these features.
  • I can also help you book Tang Dynasty cabaret shows and local dumping banquets.
  • I can provide you with airport pick-up and drop-off transportation arrangements by car or van according to your needs and hotel booking services at competitive prices.

My Travel Itineraries 
I have drawn up some typical schedules, which cover all the historical sites in Xi’an. You can choose anyone you like.

  1. One day: Terracotta Army Museum; Banpo Village Museum; Dayan Tower.
  2. One and a half days: Terracotta Army Museum; Ban Village Museum: Big Wild Goose Pagoda; City Wall; Great Mosque and Muslim Street.
  3. Two days: Terracotta Army Museum; Ban Village Museum: Big Wild Goose Pagoda; City Wall; Great Mosque and Muslim Street; Shaanxi History Museum; Shilin Museum.
  4. Two and a half days: Terracotta Army Museum; Banpo Village Museum; Big Wild Goose Pagoda; City Wall; Great Mosque and Muslim Street; Shaanxi History Museum; Xi’an Stone Forest Museum and Small Wild Goose Pagoda Museum and City Museum
  5. Personal tailor-made journey in Xi’an: In order to improve your tour experience, I can also design some special tours for you, such as students Chinese culture experience tour; local Buddhist temple tour; local folk customs plus rural tour; local gourmet tour; local ancient architecture Brigade may meet your needs. (I can send itinerary details to your email address).

My Recommended Unique Xi’an Tours Routes for you 

From Xi’an: 1-2 days Special

  1. One-day rural tour of Xi’an: Guanzhong Folk Art Museum and Caotang Temple.
  2. One-day bullet train tour to Longmen Grottoes and Baima Temple.
  3. Take a private car to Wudang Mountain for two days.

“Meet the locals” tour

To help you integrate into the local culture, I can arrange a unique travel experience in my hometown.

(1) Local Tai Chi practice class.

Local teacher Ms. Lu learns Tai Chi lessons. She is a qualified Taijiquan teacher. She has been practicing Taijiquan for 17 years. She will teach you how to practice Taijiquan by hand, and help you understand the essence of Taijiquan through the traditional Chinese Yin-Yang theory.

(2) Local families visit and make their own Chinese lunch.

Visiting local families will bring a unique experience to understand life in China from the perspective of local residents. They will also teach you how to make authentic delicious dumplings and noodles at home. Enjoy the food together and leave some good memories.

(3) Special archaeological and antique tours.

Visiting the special exhibition of Xi’an City Museum (in the small wild goose pagoda), archaeologists will explain to you 300 years of Qing Dynasty porcelain, 1200 Tang Dynasty gold and silverware, 2000 Han Dynasty historical background bronze mirror, etc. highlighting cultural relics from an academic perspective You will also have a very rare opportunity to touch those antiques with gloved hands and experience the dignified Chinese history through this special trip.

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