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Welcome to book Xi’an Day Tours with a local tourism insiders! Xi’an is the oldest capital city of China, famous for its 3,000 years of history, and as the starting point for the Silk Road and the hometown of the Terracotta Warriors. It’s also a foodie paradise, so come hungry for both traditional snacks and traditional Chinese culture in this must-see stop on any trip to China.

Here below are a list of Xi’an day tours options which you can choose to join. You expect the maximum flexibility and lower budget to design your holiday in your way? Why not select the day tours from our mall? While if you want to create your own customized Best Day Ever? Something totally unique and special and tailored just for you and your friends and family? Well, you’re in luck – we offer bespoke tours too! Just enter your info into our Create Your Own request form, and let us know how we can give you your own perfect Xi’an holiday. If you are after an existing Xi’an day tour as a private group departure please get in touch.

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