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Google Expands the Local life Guide Service via Local Guides APP to Add Social Elements

Google expands the local life guide service Local Guides, adding social elements
Source: Global Travel News 
Google will display high-quality local experts at the bottom of its map app. Users can view their local recommendations after paying attention to these experts.
[Global Travel News] Google ’s Local Guides service has reached 120 million members, covering 24,000 event locations around the world. As an important part of the Google map experience, in addition to providing reviews, pictures and other content, Local Guides will also answer a series of questions about local businesses and locations.

Local recommendation

Local Guides ’placement on Google Maps will become more prominent. Google Maps users in multiple cities will soon be able to discover recommendations for destination experience activities through Local Guides.

The pilot cities of Local Guides include London, Mexico City, New York, Bangkok, Delhi, Osaka, Tokyo, San Francisco and Sao Paulo. Google will display high-quality Local Guides under the For You tab at the bottom of the Map App, and filter them based on the points and levels obtained by the local experts after publishing the content of the event.

The number of users increased from 5 million to 120 million

After Google users click on Follow Local Guide, they can view the local recommendations published by the latter, which will create interesting and valuable data for Google.

Local Guides is a service plan proposed by Google against Yelp Elite Squad. Yelp encourages users to comment on businesses and provides community rewards for reviewers. Local Guides had 5 million global users in 2016, increased to 50 million in 2017, and reached 95 million in 2018. As of now, Local Guides is said to have 120 million users worldwide.

With the support of Local Guides, Google has accumulated more reviews than other local service platforms.

Google has been trying to build social networks and launch social products for many years, but they all ended in failure. The social platform Google+ is the best example. In April of this year, Google closed the Google+ service for the C side. Google is currently trying to integrate social functions into mature products. It remains to be seen whether social services will be added to Local Guides in the future.

Local Guides are one of the main factors driving the development of Google Maps, and currently become the biggest driving force for attracting local search volume.  

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