Visit Tibet-How to Travel Tibet Guide

How to Visit Tibet – An Ultimate Guide from Visit Tibet Travel Service (2020 Version)

Have you ever wanted to visit Tibet? If you’re up for the adventure of a lifetime it is essential that you hire a Tibet travel agency or Lhasa Tour Operator to enhance your experience. Before we get into why you need a Tibet Travel Agency let’s take a look at information on the Tibet Travel experience. With this information on hand your visit to Tibet could be a lot more blissful.

Why should you visit Tibet?

Tibet is a land with cool, thin air and a vast expanse of mountainous scenic beauty. The unique alpine scenery of Tibet is a pure wonder to experience in one’s lifetime.

The Tibetan people have a unique culture that is set apart from the rest of the world. There are several aspects of their lifestyle that one would enjoy learning. There are also several pilgrimage sites in Tibet such as the magnificent Mount Kailash and the mystical Lake Manasarovar. The wind almost sings and the only noise drifting through the silence is often the monk’s humming in prayer. are several ways to explore Tibet. One of the options for those who love to really rough it out is the high altitude plateau trekking in Tibet. It is not for the faint-hearted but will be etched into the memories of those who are lucky enough to experience this.

When to visit Tibet

If you plan to visit Tibet then it is essential that you understand what type of experience you are looking for. There isn’t a clear-cut answer to the best time when someone should visit Tibet. While certain times of the year might be better than others, it is a place that can be visited all throughout the year.

Visit Tibet any time of the year to experience the beauties of Lhasa and its surroundings. However if you’re looking to trek then it would be best to visit during spring or autumn when there is less rain. In the spring, Tibet is much windier and you will find that it is one of Tibet’s cooler seasons.  If you visit Tibet in the summer, be prepared for a cool summer with a hint of rain. Visiting Tibet in the winter can be a challenge for those who have an aversion to the cold. However it is important to note that it is usually less crowded in winter.

When to Visit Tibet-Visit Tibet the Land of Snow-Top Things to Do in TibetWhat to see and where to go during your visit to Tibet


If you’ve decided to travel to Tibet you will surely need to make a pit stop at Lhasa, the capital city. You can have the experience of ‘walking the koras.’ This involves taking walks down paths of sacred sites. Most of the monasteries and temples have koras. Visit the famous Potala palace. Two amazing monasteries to visit would be the Sera and Drepung. The Jokhang temple is another place you must visit in Lhasa. A few more notable mentions would be the Tibet Museum, Bakhor Square, Norbulingka Palace and the Great Mosque of Lhasa. However it is best to sort out your travel plans with a professional local Tibet travel agent that will help you sort out all the details and requirements.

Visit Tibet Potala Palace-Top Things to Do in Tibet Travel


Tsetang is an exciting spot to visit in Tibet as it has so many beautiful places to visit. 1 of the 3 holy lakes in Tibet is located here, the Yamdroktso lake. You can visit the serene waters at the Yarlung Tsangpo meander in the Yarlung Tsangpo Valley. The area is rich in Tibetan history. Once a medication retreat is of Gulug Rinpoche, the Chim-puk heritage is an amazing warren of caves in the northeast of Samye. The Tramdruk monastery which dates back to the 7th century is also a great place to visit. Next are the Samye monastery, Tibet’s 1st monastery and university. Visit the oldest building in Tibet, Yambulagang or stop by the Woka hot springs. There are several other monasteries, hot springs and mysterious places such as the Tombs of the kings. There is no shortage of excitement here.


In Shigatse, you can visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery, the Wordo Tibetan Courtyard or The Third Eye which is a popular Nepali-run place. Here, you can treat yourself to some Tibetan noodle soup called Thugpa. During every second week of the 5th lunar moon, usually around June or July, the Tashilhunpo Monastery hosts a three-day festival with fascinating dances and artistic sand mandalas. The Summer palace of the  Lamas, Shalu Monastery and the bright restaurant named Tashi Choeta are all notable mentions.

Everest Base Camp

For most people, the adventure to the highest mountain in the world is a once a life time or a kind of dream. Standing in the base camp and looking up at Mount Everest is an experience that is, quite literally, almost out-of-this-world. And the best place to see the spectacular summit of Mount Everest is from the Everest Base Camp (EBC) which is about 1340 km round-trip to the southwest of Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR, China).

There are several ways to access Tibet. There are many daily flights to and from Lhasa where you can start your tour to Mount Everest. There are also intermittent flights from Kathmandu, in Nepal where many travelers take the overland road trip optionally. Alternatively, there is the world-famous Tibet Train.

Traveling to Everest
Once you reach Lhasa, visitors normally spend around two to four days acclimatizing to the high altitude, before traveling across the region to Mount Everest gradually. However, your time is not wasted sitting in the hotel acclimatizing.

Lhasa has hundreds of beautiful religious and cultural sites for travelers, and you may not get to see them all (that would take weeks, or even months!), you have the chance to spend your time in Lhasa visiting the most spectacular sites of Tibetan Buddhism and culture.

Travel from Lhasa to Mount Everest is normally done by road, since there are several amazing sights that you can see along the way. The total driving time is around 14 hours, which is split into several shorter journeys. Normally for most travelers, they have 3 nights 4 full days for Everest base camp adventure from and to Lhasa, some travelers may have more personal itinerary with couple of more nights staying in Gyantse, Shigatse, Sakya, Shegar. So it can be freely customized.

Visit Tibet Mt Everest Base Camp-Top Things to Do in Tibet TravelMountain Kailash

Mountain Kailash is considered to be the stairway to heaven for many. It is the most intriguing mountain range in the Himalayas. It is about 22,000 ft above the Tibetan plateau. Thousands of pilgrims enter Tibet every year for their pilgrimage to the Holy Mount Kailash. Some of them make it to the region and a few of them somehow manage to circumambulate the hallowed peak. But climbing to the summit is something that many mountaineers have tried to do with close to no luck at all. Read further about Tibet Kailash Yatra Tours.


The attractions in Kham are diverse. Both culture and scenic beauty are present in abundance. Kham offers an experience that is beyond the normal, especially for Tibetan travel. It is a lesser known region. Mt. Gongga, Yading Nature Preserve and Mt. Yala are its top trekking destinations. One can opt for horse trekking in the grassland towns of Litang and Tagong. With snow capped mountains, monasteries, grasslands, nomad camps and watchtowers, Kham is a pure wonder to the traveler filled with wanderlust.

How to Visit Tibet

You have two options to travel – by yourself and with a group. Most experienced travelers already know the option they prefer. Do you like independence? Or would you prefer sharing the journey with others? It’s up to you!

 Private Tibet Tour

This type of custom or private is arranged for those who wish to travel by themselves. It is exclusively for you. It could be a planned honeymoon for you and your spouse or it could be a family trip. Perhaps you are planning a trip with your friends or colleagues. We can plan this out for you while you choose every aspect of your holiday. Our team of experts is skilled in arranging trips down to the last detail so that you avoid the stress of having to plan your trip. You can just enjoy the experience instead.

Here are the different aspects of the tour that you can customize on your visit to Tibet

  1. Transportation – Choose from cycles, cars and yachts to limousines.
  2. Accommodation – Budget stays or luxury hotels.
  3. Activity – Swim with dolphins, trek into wild nature or unleash your spirituality. The choice is yours!
  4. Food – Do you have dietary requirements? We can help you with information on meals and where to eat.

Your tour guide and translators are some of the best in the business. These are friendly and outgoing people with a love for nature and Tibet. As mentioned earlier, this type of trip is perfect for couples, families, corporate teams or sports clubs and other groups of individuals who wish to travel on their own terms.

Group tour to Visit Tibet

A lot of people prefer the group tour as it has a lot of advantages. Firstly, the whole trip is planned in advanced so right from sightseeing, to accommodation and food; you are completely sorted out during the entire trip. There are no hiccups or unpleasant surprises. Next, you will find yourself travelling with people who are like minded and this is a wonderful experience for those who love to meet new people and make friends. Finally, a tour escort will guide you during the entire trip and this means that any emergencies will be dealt with immediately. Learn more Tibet Group Tours from Tibet Local Guide Travel Service.

If you plan to visit Tibet, it is important that you choose the right Tibet Tour and Travel agency. This will make your Tibet visit a lot more pleasant. Travel in Tibet can be complicated and an experienced Tibet Travel Agency will be able to get you off on the right track and ensure you have a memorable experience that you may cherish forever.

Get in touch with “Tibet Local Guide Travel Service” today if you’re looking for a reliable Tibet Travel Agency ( for an enjoyable holiday. Should you have any questions, just send a quick email to us. We will answer you instantly.