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When traveling to Tibet, do not bring these 3 common items, otherwise severe punishment will be imposed

Nowadays people’s lives have become rich, and at this time, tourism has become one of their favorite things. As long as there is enough time, they will choose to drive in a car and take their lover to travel together. When it comes to self-driving tours, Tibet is obviously the best choice, because it has the most beautiful scenery in the world, and if you travel to Tibet, you can also purify your soul.

However, traveling by car in Tibet is not an easy task, not only to choose a car with better performance, but also to prepare a lot of items to resist altitude sickness. In addition, when traveling to Tibet, there are three common items that are not allowed to be carried. If found, you will face punishment for repatriation.

First: Tibetan Knife

Many tourists choose to bring a few Tibetan knives back to their friends after they travel to Tibet, or collect them themselves, but do you know? Tibetan knives can’t actually pass through checkpoints, and once found, they will face very serious punishment, so it is recommended that you do not buy Tibetan knives at will when you travel to the local area, otherwise you will waste money.

Second: Oil Barrel

If you travel by car, the oil drum is an indispensable object, because we will face the state of the car running out of fuel at any time, and taking a barrel of oil to go out can avoid this embarrassing event. However, it should be noted that when traveling by car in Tibet by yourself, it is not allowed to bring oil barrels, because Tibet is relatively large, and carrying oil barrels into Tibet is equivalent to carrying a mobile bomb. It is for this reason that the oil drum is not allowed to be carried on the car.

Third: UAV

The answer to whether such items can be brought into Tibet has always been ambiguous. Some people said they could carry them, while others said that they had taken the drone to Tibet after being found out, and the staff asked them to post the drone to their home. Only allowed to enter Tibet. Regarding whether this thing can be brought into Tibet, there is no specific rule, so everyone can only act according to the situation.

If it is allowed to carry it, it is the best, and if it is not allowed to be carried, everyone should not be angry, just post it to your home. Don’t affect your mood to enter Tibet because of this little episode. . The above is what I summarized for you. When entering Tibet, it is best not to carry three common items. Besides, do you know anything else that is not allowed to be brought into Tibet? Welcome to leave a message.

Tibet Travel Tips:

1: After coming to Tibet, if you want to take pictures of Tibetans or yaks, you must get the owner’s consent before taking pictures.

2: When visiting temples in Tibet, do not touch anything at will or take pictures of the Buddha.

3: If you see Tibetans sticking their tongues at you, don’t be angry because they are expressing their welcome to you.

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