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Chengdu Attractions Famous Museums in Chengdu for Tourists-Jinsha Site Museum

Chengdu Attractions: Famous Museums in Chengdu for Tourists

Museums are usually the collection of a city’s or a country’s artifacts, cultural and historical relics. Visting a history museum is a great opportunity to learn about the city or the country. Besides history museums and art museums, there are science museums, war museums, and other interesting museums for pastimes, like Teddy Bear Museum, Sichuan Cuisine Museum. Here Explore China Tibet team has selected a list of famous museums in Chengdu.

Chengdu Attractions: Famous Museums in Chengdu for Tourists

Attraction Name List (in English)Attraction Name List (in Chinese)Entrance Ticket Price 
1Chengdu Museum成都博物馆Free of Charge
2Chengdu Yongling Museum永陵博物馆20 RMB
3Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum泰迪熊博物馆60 RMB
4Dufu Thatched Cottage Musuem成都杜甫草堂博物馆60 RMB
5Jinsha Site Museum成都金沙遗址博物馆80 RMB
6Pi County Museum郫县博物馆Free
7Sanxingdui Museum三星堆博物馆82 RMB
8Sichuan Art Museum四川美术馆Free
9Sichuan Cuisine Museum川菜博物馆60 RMB
10Sichuan Museum四川博物院Free
11Sichuan Opera Museum川剧艺术陈列馆Free
12Sichuan Science and Technology Museum四川科技馆Free

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