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Chengdu Attractions: Nature and Parks Attractions in Chengdu

As an ancient city with long history, Chengdu has lots of historical and cultural sites. In addition, there are lots of places with beautiful natural scenery like Mount Qingcheng, Xiling Snow Mountian. Are you still searching for popular Chengdu attractions? Here our local travel agency Explore China Tibet team is working hard to collect all information about Chengdu sightseeing spots. In the table below, you can find the list of nature and parks attractions in Chengdu and admission fee for reference.

Nature and Parks Attractions in Chengdu: Name List & Admission Fee

Attraction Name List (in English)Attraction Name List (in Chinese)Entrance Tickets Fee 
1Baihuatan Park百花潭公园Free
2Bailuwan Ecological Wetland Park白鹭湾生态湿地公园Free
3Chengdu Botanical Garden成都植物园10 RMB
4Chengdu Culture Park成都文化公园Free
5Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding成都大熊猫繁育研究基地58 RMB
6Chengdu Zoo成都动物园20 RMB
7Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base都江堰大熊猫基地58 RMB
8Dujiangyan Panda Valley都江堰熊猫乐园60 RMB
9Dujiangyan Scenic Resort都江堰风景区90 RMB
10Hua Wu Ren Jian花舞人间100 RMB
11Huanhuaxi Park浣花溪公园Free
12Lavender Base薰衣草基地(妈妈农庄)30 RMB
13Live Water Park活水公园Free
14Longchi National Forest Park龙池国家森林公园Peak Season: 50 RMB:
Low Season: 20 RMB
15Longquan Scenic Resort龙泉风景旅游区Free
16Mount Qingcheng青城山90 RMB
17Peach Blossom Scenic Resort桃花故里Free
18Sandaoyan Scenic Area三道堰旅游景区Free
19Shixianghu Lake Ecological Scenic Area石象湖生态风景区50 RMB
20Tazishan Park塔子山公园Only Entrance is Free.
21Tianfu Rose Valley天府玫瑰谷30 RMB
22Tiantai Mountain天台山Peak Season (4.1-10.31): 50 RMB;
Low Season (11.1-3.31): 20 RMB
23Wangjiang Pavalion Park望江楼公园20 RMB for the Historic Relics;
Free for the Park Area
24Xiling Snow Mountain西岭雪山Basic Fee: 120 RMB
25Xindu Guihu Park新都桂湖公园20 RMB
26Xinhua Park新华公园Free

Wish all foreign travellers can have a good time travelling in China. If you are interested in a Chengdu tour or any other China tours, please feel free to contact our local travel agency and we will help you to organize a suitable trip in Chengdu.

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