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Chengdu Historic and Cultural Sites -Qingyang Palace

Chengdu Attractions: Chengdu Historic and Cultural Sites

As an ancient city with long history, Chengdu has remained lots of historical heritage and cultural sites. Are you still searching for popular Chengdu attractions? Here our local travel agency Explore China Tibet team is working hard to collect all information about Chengdu sights. In the table below, you can find the list of Chengdu historic and cultural sites and entrance fee for reference.

Chengdu Attractions: Historic and Cultural Sites in Chengdu

Attraction Name List (in English) Attraction Name List (in Chinese) Admission Fee 
1 Baoguang Temple 宝光寺 5 RMB
2 Chengdu Culture Park 成都文化公园 Free
3 Chengdu European Style Street 成都欧洲风情街 Free
4 Chengdu Folk Custom Park 老成都民俗公园 Free
5 Chengdu Jinli Pedestrain Street 锦里 Free
6 Chengdu People’s Park 成都人民公园 Free
7 Daci Temple 大慈寺 3 RMB
8 Dufu Thatched Cottage Musuem 成都杜甫草堂博物馆 60 RMB
9 Dujiangyan Confucius Temple 都江堰文庙 Free
10 Dujuan City Ruins 杜鹃城遗址 Free
11 Huangcheng Musque 皇城清真寺 10 RMB
12 Huanglongxi Ancient Town 黄龙溪古镇 Free
13 International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park 国际非物质文化遗产博览园 35 RMB
14 Jinsha Site Museum 成都金沙遗址博物馆 80 RMB
15 Kuanzhai Ancient Street 宽窄巷子 Free
16 Luodai Ancient Town 洛带古镇 Free
17 Ming Tomb of Shu King 明蜀王陵 12 RMB
18 Mount Qingcheng 青城山 90 RMB
19 Pi County Museum 郫县博物馆 Free
20 Pingle Ancient Town 平乐古镇 Free
21 Pixian Historic Site 郫县古城遗址 Free
22 Qintai Road 琴台路 Free
23 Qingyang Palace 青羊宫 10 RMB
24 Sandaoyan Scenic Area 三道堰旅游景区 Free
25 Sanxingdui Museum 三星堆博物馆 82 RMB
26 Shijing Temple 石经寺 2 RMB
27 Shuijing Workshop Site 水井坊遗址
28 Sichuan Cuisine Museum 川菜博物馆 60 RMB
29 Sichuan Museum 四川博物馆 Free
30 Sichuan Opera House 四川省川剧院 150+ RMB
31 Sichuan Opera Museum 川剧艺术陈列馆 Free
32 Song Xian Qiao Antique and Art Market 送仙桥古玩市场 Free
33 The Temple of Emperors Wang and Cong 望丛祠 Free
34 Tomb of Yangxiong 扬雄墓 Free
35 Wenshu Yuan Monastery 文殊院 Free
36 Wuhou Temple 武侯祠 60 RMB
37 Xiaotong Alley 小通巷 Free
38 Yongling Museum 永陵博物馆 20 RMB
39 Zhaojue Temple 昭觉寺 2 RMB

Wish all foreign travellers can have a good time travelling in China. If you are interested in a Chengdu tour or any other China tours, please feel free to contact our local travel agency and we will help you to organize a suitable trip in Chengdu.

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