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Fabulous Natural Scenery in Western Sichuan-Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Xinduqiao

Fabulous Natural Scenery in Western Sichuan

Nowadays, Western Sichuan mainly refers to Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garzê and Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Ngawa. Consisting of numerous mounatin ranges forming the easternmost part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the western part of Sichuan features diversified natural scenery like snowcapped mountains, crystal-clear lakes and vast grasslands. Trekking in Western Sichuan will offer you the opportunity to view the breathtaking landscape along the way. In western Sichuan, you can visit magnificent Jiuzhaigou Valley, enjoy beautiful scenery of Yading Nature Reserve-the last Shangrila, and you can also see the annual Lithang Horse-racing Festival from 1 to 4 August in Lithang. For tourists who want to explore West Sichuan, the following list of fabulous natural scenery in Western Sichuan.

List of Fabulous Natural Scenery in Western Sichuan

 Attraction Name List
(in English)
Attraction Name List
(in Chinese)
Entrance Fee 
Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garzê


1Bamu Seven Lakes巴姆七湖景区Free
2Cuopugou Valley措普沟Free
3Danba Beauty Valley丹巴美人谷Free
4Danba Moluo Village丹巴莫洛村Free
6Daocheng Yading Scenic Resort稻城亚丁风景区Entrance Ticket: 150 RMB;
Sightseeing Bus: 120 RMB
7Ge’nie Sacred Mountain格聂山Free
8Hailuogou海螺沟92 RMB
9Jiaju Tibetan Village甲居藏寨50 RMB
10Jiulong Wuxuhai伍须海60 RMB
11Kangding Love Songs Scenic Area (Mugecuo)康定情歌风情区Peak Season (4.1-11.30): 105 RMB;
Low Season (12.1-3.31): 75 RMB
12Larima Village拉日马乡Free
13Lotus Sea莲花湖Free
14Luding Bridge泸定桥10 RMB
15Luorong Cattle Farm洛绒牛场Included in Daocheng Yading Scenic Resort
16Manigango Town马尼干戈Free
17Millk Sea牛奶海Included in Daocheng Yading Scenic Resort
18Moshi Park墨石公园景区60 RMB
19Mosika Natural Reserve莫斯卡自然保护区Free
20Mount Echu俄初山Included in Daocheng Yading Scenic Resort
21Mount Gongga贡嘎山150 RMB
22Mount Xiannairi仙乃日山Included in Daocheng Yading Scenic Resort
23Mount Yangmaiyong央迈勇山Included in Daocheng Yading Scenic Resort
24Natural Bonsai of Danba East Valley东谷天然盆景Free
25Ngawa Mosika Village莫斯卡村Free
26Paoma Mountain跑马山50 RMB
27Red Rock Beach红石滩Included in Yanzigou Valley
28Rubuchaka Onsen茹布查卡温泉Over 20 RMB per person
29Seven Color Sea七色海Included in Kangding Love Songs Scenic Area (Mugecuo)
30Suopo Watchtowers梭坡古碉Free
31Tagong Grassland塔公草原Free
33Xinluhai Lake新路海20 RMB
34Yala Snow Mountain亚拉雪山Free
35Yanzigou Valley燕子沟Entrance Ticket: 170 RMB;
Sightseeing Bus: 70 RMB
36Yuke Grassland玉科草原Free
37Zhonglu Tibetan Village中路藏寨Free
38Zimei Yakou (Zimei Pass)子梅垭口Free
Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Ngawa


1Bipenggou Valley毕棚沟80 RMB
2Changping Valley长坪沟Peak season (4.1-11.30): 70 RMB;
Low season (12.1-3.31): 50 RMB
3Dagu Glacier达古冰川200 RMB
4Haizi Valley海子沟Peak season (4.1-11.30): 60 RMB;
Low season (12.1-3.31): 40 RMB
5Huanglong National Scenic Reserve黄龙风景区Peak Season (4.1-11.15): 200 RMB;
Low Season (11.16-3.31): 60 RMB
6Jiajin Mountain夹金山Free
7Jiuzhaigou Valley九寨沟Peak Season (4.1-11.30): 220 RMB;
Low Season (12.1-3.31): 60 RMB
9Mount Siguniang Scenic Resort (Including Changping Valley, Haizi Valley, Shuangqiao Valley)四姑娘山(包括长坪沟、海子沟、双桥沟)Peak Season (4.1-11.30): 210 RMB;
Low Season (12.1-3.31): 140 RMB
10Muni Valley牟泥沟Peak Season: 100 RMB;
Low Season: 60 RMB
11Ruoergai Grasslad若尔盖草原Free
12Shuangqiao Valley双桥沟Peak Season (4.1-11.30): 80 RMB;
Low Season (12.1-3.31): 50 RMB
13Taiziling Ski Resort太子岭滑雪场70 RMB
14The First Bend of Yellow River黄河第一湾50 RMB
15Wenchuan Special Tourism Zone (Epicenter Yingxiu,  Shuimo Town, Sanjiang Ecological Tourist Area)汶川特别旅游区(震中映秀、水磨古镇、三江生态旅游区)Epicenter Yingxiu: Free;
Shuimo Town: Free;
Sanjiang Ecological Tourist Area: 50 RMB
16Wolong National Natural Reserve卧龙国家自然保护区Giant Panda Museum: 20 RMB;
Giant Panda Base: 60 RMB

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