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Fighting COVID19 LocalChinaGuide Is Together With You

Dear Customers,

Fight for COVID19- we are together with you!

Tashi Delek! We feel so sad to see the current pain of COVID-19 spreading accross the globe. The whole team of LocalChinaGuide sincerely wish your family and you are safe and healthy. In addition, let us pray for all unfortunate people affected.

We are most concerned about your safety

When the virus broke out (this is the beginning of the Lunar New Year holiday), we still have some customers traveling in different cities. We quickly made a decision, talked to customers via phone and email, and informed them of the latest situation. Finally, with our assistance, most customers rescheduled their flights and returned home early. We also prepared medical masks for customers to protect themselves.

China has gone through a very difficult period, and now it has come out of the darkest moment. We know how difficult this is. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the medical professionals and medical staff for their efforts, and highly appreciate everyone’s attention and concern in the past few days. With the unity of the entire world, we believe that we can finally fight COVID-19.

From 2004 to 2020, we have been engaged in inbound tourism in Tibet for 15 years, so we have extensive experience in handling difficult situations. For us, customer health, safety and satisfaction are always our top concerns. We would like to share with you the following:  Everything we have done since the outbreak of COVID-19

100% full refund to the customer for the first time

For prepaid reservations, we first email to the customer on the early date of the itinerary to discuss the cancellation or delay of the itinerary, then we contact the customer to provide the subsequent date of the itinerary to keep them informed of the latest news. virus. No matter what the customer makes, cancel or reschedule, we will fully respect.
We are responsible for refunding 100% of the payment as soon as possible and refunding it. All along, our travel consultants will answer questions and deal with customers online.

We thank all our distinguished guests, which is very important. They are very friendly and give us a lot of encouragement in difficult times.

What are we doing

Improve LocalChinaGuide whole websites (,,
From the outbreak of the virus to the present, we have never stopped this work. Even during the lock-up period, most of our employees work from home. From March 1, we return to the office normally. Although tourism in China and most countries has been suspended, we can make full use of this time to improve the content and products of our website, develop more destinations and strengthen service training so that we can change more Serve customers well.

The status quo in China
Things gradually returned to normal. Since March, most sightseeing spots including the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors have been gradually opened to the public, and some of them are free of charge and need to be booked in advance. More and more people are enjoying weekend trips or short trips, and domestic travel in China is recovering.

Entry into China suspended from March 28
Due to the rapid popularity of Covid-19 worldwide, China has decided to take temporary measures to suspend entry of foreigners holding tourist visas, business visas or residence permits. It is unclear when the ban will end. We will promptly inform you about further notice.

Everyone’s protection
Although the Chinese people have returned to normal life, we still wear masks and keep our distance from each other in public. If you live in a virus-infected area, in order to reduce the chance of infection, please pay attention to the following precautions:

  • Stay at home, especially the elderly and children;
  • Wear a medical mask when going out;
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly;
  • Do not touch the eyes, nose and mouth;
  • Keep social distance (at least 1 meter);
  • Cover your cough & sneeze, call for help when feeling sick.

This disease is merciless, but sympathy and love exist in the world. We are very concerned about the situation of coronaviruses around the world and hope to control them with the efforts of all countries. If we can do anything for you, please feel free to tell us. We will help as much as possible. LocalChinaGuide and our praying always is with you!

Wish all the best,

LocalChinaGuide team (,,

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