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Getting to Tibet

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Located at the roof of the world, Tibet seems to be unreachable and mysterious for many tourists from afar. In fact, it is not difficult at all to get to Tibet from China or Nepal. There are dozens of daily flights to and from Tibet, including flights to Lhasa, Shigatse and Nyingchi, five direct Tibet trains carrying tourists over Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and five Tibet highways leading to Lhasa from different directions.

In all, there are mainly two access to get to Tibet, i.e. one is from its neighboring country Nepal and the other is from different cities across mainland China.

Ways of Getting to Tibet

Nepal to Tibet by Road

Travelling from Nepal to Tibet by car or tour bus via Sino-Nepal border is the easiest way for Nepali and other international tourists to reach Lhasa, Tibet. Originally, the 943km road trip from Kathmandu via China-Nepal Highway(also known as Friendship Highway) takes about 3-5 days.

The road trip is spectacular because there are a great number of tourist attractions worth to be visited on the way. And Everest Base Camp is the must visit site among them. It usually takes three to five days with stops at tourists sights along the way.

Route(before Nepali Earthquake): Lhasa–Shigatse–Tingri–Nyalam–Zhangmu–Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge–Kathmandu

However, till only the devastating damage to Zhangmu Border by 2015 Nepali earthquake and ongoing recovery and renovation of Gyirong Port, the overland access remains closed for safety concerns. When can tourists travel from Nepal to Tibet overland is still up in the air. If the Sino- Nepal border is accessible to international tourists, it is most likely that tourists will enter Tibet from Nepal via Gyirong Port. It’s about 3-hour drive from Gyirong port to Kathmandu(roughly 131.5km).

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