Getting to Tibet by air

Getting to Tibet by air

Currently (2015) there is only one international flight to Lhasa (Tibet) which is from Kathmandu (Nepal) and more flights from different cities in mainland China. There are around 10 flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa in a week which are operated by the Air China and Sichuan Airline. There are more flights from mainland China to Lhasa (CHENGDU), but all foreign travelers need the Tibet travel permit (TTP) to board the flight to Lhasa and Official Tibetan Tour Guide. Foreign travelers can organize flight to Lhasa or other cities in TAR only with help of official registered travel agencies. TA will sell you a tour (can make detailed plan by yourself) including booking flights and hotels. Foreigners are not allowed to have original document of TTP, only your tour guide will have it. The Price of tickets ranging from 350US-500US (One Way)

From Lhasa (Konggar) airport to Lhasa downtown it is about 65 km by highway.

You can fly to Lhasa and also to Nyingchi but flying in from a much lower altitude city puts you at high risk (90%)of altitude sickness because of the quick transition, unlike boarding a train If you are in Sichuan or nearby (and aren’t satisfied visiting the many ethnically Tibetan areas to the east of the Tibetan Autonomous Region) flying from Chengdu or Chongqing is the easiest option.

A flight from Chengdu or Chongqing to Lhasa plus all the necessary paperwork will cost around ¥2,000 and can be arranged through most large hostels or travel agents.

An alternate route is to follow the Yunnan tourist trail to Zhongdian and fly from there to Lhasa. If you spend a few days each in Kunming (2,000m), Dali (1,800m), Lijiang and Zhongdian (3,200m) to acclimatise, you should be able to fly to Lhasa (3,650m) with little risk. Note:If enter Tibet by flight from Mainland China, then you need the original Tibet travel permit in your hand to board the flight, when you go through the security check point at the airport, they will check your permit and passports, so remember to ask your travel agent to send your travel permit to your hotel in Mainland China before you arrive, also make sure that the names and passport number on the permit is correct as if there is a mistake, then the airport security won’t let you board the flight and ask you to send the permit back to Lhasa and correct.

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Top 1: 4 Days Lhasa Best Bet Tibet Tour

Lhasa, capital city of Tibet

Spend just 3 nights and 4 days in Lhasa? No problem! Immerse yourself in the heat of Lhasa and walk with many Tibetan pilgrims from all over Tibet. The easy tour begins with  Jokhang Temple, Barkhor streets and Sera monastery on the first day. After proper high altitude acclimatization, you will explore the winter and summer Palace of Dalai Lama:Potala Palace & Norbulinka.

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Visit-the north-Everest-base-camp-Tibet with Lhasa local tour agency

Top 2 B: 8 Days Everest Group Tour


7 nights 8 days standard Everest base camp tour is good for those with tight schedule. Except for the highlight attraction of Mt. Everest Base Camp, you are going to visit all major must see attractions in Lhasa city such as Potala Palace, Jokhang, Drepung and Sera Monastery, Lake Yamdrok, Karola Glacier, Pelkhor and Tashilhunpho monastery and so on.

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16 Days Kailash Everest Group Tour Featured-Saga Dawa Festival Travel

Top 3: 16 Days Kailash Everest Group Tour


The 15 nights 16 Days Mt. Kailash & Mt. Everest Group Tour is an itinerary that covers top spiritual attractions and natual wonders in Tibetan Plateau. It is a popular option among travelers who wish for an in-depth exploration of the wonderful Tibetan culture, landscape, spiritual activities and photography. Join us now and save more for your 2020 Tibet vacation!

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Top 4: 15 Days Kailash EBC Group Tour


For the most adventurous pilgrimage tour in Tibet, a proactive service and professional team are crucial to your overall tour experience. Before you land in Lhasa, we’ve already had everything prepared for you. Our expertly-designed Mt.Kailash tour starts in Lhasa. You will have 3 days to get acclimatized to the Tibetan Plateau while touring the most iconic Buddhist sites in Lhasa city.

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14 Days Indian's Manasarovar Kailash Yatra Featured

Top 5: 14 Days Indian’s Manasarovar Kailash Yatra


Our two-week Manasarovar and Kailash pilgrimage Yatra is designed specifically for overseas Indian pilgrims who have plans for a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the holy lake and mountain. The journey starts in Lhasa where you can acclimatize to the Tibetan high altitude and explore the world class attractions in the capital city. Soon afterwards, we travel westward across the vast Tibetan Plateau and reach Ngari area.