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Yala Scenic Area Campsite TourStart your adventurous journey toward Tibet with Explore China Tibet! Along to the Yala Snow Mountain you will have a great opportunity to explore highlights of Yala Scenic Area.

Things to see in Yala Scenic Area

There are important facts about highlights tourist attractions of Yala Scenic area. Area is located in southwestern of Daofu County and has only one hiking trail. Camping in this area is only one option because no available accommodation facilities nearby. Exploring the hiking trails will pass Yala Snow Mountain, Yala Yumtso Lake and much more astonished landscape scenery. At the higher altitude of Yala Scenic area is scenery grassland Yala Jokul Scenic Area.

Additionally the highest point of the scenic area is 5,820 meters Yala Snow Mountain. Another highlight attraction is pure mountain lake Yala Yumtso. Moreover the lake has multiple colors. You will have absolute quietness nearby lake. Besides you will admire the reflection of the mountain. Moreover there are many natural wonders such as hot springs, glaciers, waterfalls and also huge grassland. Yala Scenic area is high valued natural landscape destination and important in Kham region.

Above all the scenic area is valued as a top natural beauty according to location and natural landscape.

We hope you will have pleasant time at the Yala Scenic Area. Our agency is not only specialized Tibet travel services in TAR (Tibet Autonomous region), but also in Tibetan Kham region (Sichuan Garze). Learn more about Tibet Kham tours, if you have any questions or concerns please email us!