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Lhasa Dekang Hotel enjoys 4 star on TripAdvisor and this Tibetan hotel is close to Jokhang Temple. The hotel houses an accommodation section, dining space, and a hair salon. The rooms are in traditional Tibetan style and showcase typical Tibetan decorative features. There are a total of 43 rooms and basic services include central air conditioning, cable TV, elevator, 24-hour hot water, etc. The rooms range from standard single room to Tibetan style deluxe suite, accommodating the needs of travelers of many types. There is also a business center. Additionally, the restaurant serves authentic ethnic cuisine by famous Nepalese chefs.

Lhasa Dekang Hotel Highlights:

  • Lhasa Dekang Hotel enjoys a great location in Lhasa. Situated south of the Barkhor Quarter, the hotel is in close vicinity of major attractions such Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple.
  • Guests especially enjoy the peaceful environment of the hotel. They love the authentic Tibetan atmosphere of the space. They also find service from the staff very helpful.
  • Value wise-Dekang Hotel earned 4 star rating on TripAdvisor and we recommend you stay in this Tibetan style accommodation in downtown Lhasa.
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