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Qiangdiao Zangshi Boutique Hostel, or Tone Chain Poshtel (Lhasa Jokhang Temple), is a stylish Tibetan style hotel in historic This unique Tibetan Boutique Hostel is getting more and more popular among travelers. It is a 2 minutes walk from the hotel to Jokhang Temple. Potala Palace is also only 1km away. Opened by a couple in 2016, the hotel has a total of 15 beautiful rooms, all furnished with warm fabrics and equipped with heating. Each room has a different Tibetan theme, making the design very unique among all the hotels in Lhasa. The hotel has a roof terrace that gives views of Potala Palace, as well as a library, cafe. Qiangdiao Zangshi Boutique Hostel is an excellent accommodation choice for travelers who wish for a stay in a deluxe and intimate traditional environment.

Qiangdiao Zangshi Boutique Hostel Highlights

  • Prime central location. The hotel sits right outside Jokhang Temple among Barkhor Streets. Potala Palace is also only 1km away.
  • Beautiful rooms. Each room has its own theme, and the decorations are different accordingly. The use of large amount of red and yellow colors make guests feel warm and instantly at home.
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