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Shigatse Gesar Hotel is a 4 star Tibetan style hotel in downtown Shigatse. The hotel is close to major shopping center, transportation hubs and banks in Shigatse. It is also only 1km away from the great Tashilhunpho Monastery. The hotel has 120 beautiful rooms with advanced amenities such as flat-screen TV, 24-hour hote water, broadband internet, air conditioning, etc. The hotel also boasts wonderful facilities such as business center, sauna room, teahouse, banquet hall, etc. The restaurant provides a variety of cuisines to guests.

Shigatse Gesar Hotel Highlights

  • Great location in Shigatse. It is in the commercial area of the city and is close to many restaurants, shops, banks, etc. It is also only 1km away from Tashilhunpo Monastery.
  • Excellent value. The hotel is a great economical accommodation option in Shigatse. The staff are friendly and can provide assistance whenever you need them.

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